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26 Jun

Shisha, shisha everywhere – which one do I smoke?

We have a lot of shisha. How much? Literally, tons. Naturally, we can understand the jaw-dropping, head-spinning loss that some people feel when trying to select a new brand or flavor. In this blog, you’ll find a brief rundown of each brand, so you have some idea what to expect. We’ll start you off easy [...]

25 Jun

Hookah Worst Case Scenario: No fire!

Let’s take a look at Hookah Worst Case Scenario #2. You’ve got a delicious bowl of Strawberry Romman shisha packed and ready to go (you actually have a bowl this time!). You’ve got the quick-light coals held with your tongs in hand, and now all to do is to light them… …Now what did I [...]

24 Jun

Hookah Worst Case Scenario: No bowl or Grommets

Hookah? Check. Shisha Tobacco – got it. Coals? Right here. Hoses? 2 of ‘em. Grommets and bowl…grommets and bowl……uh oh. So you’re almost ready to smoke, but you’re missing a couple of integral parts. This is your chance to prove to the world that your youth spent watching MacGyver was time well spent. Do some [...]

23 Jun

Leila, You’ve Got Me On My Knees!

  Out of all the Specialty Hookahs we carry in our store, none have received as much positive reviews as the ultra-portable Leila Portable hookah. This famous Swedish import is a hit, and is sold exclusively here at hookah-shisha.com! Want to make your portable Leila hookah even more portable? Be creative! As this picture shows, one [...]

05 Jun

Hookah Blog Author Contest – Flaunt your blog monologue: become a hookah smoking blog author!

Here at www.Hookah-Shisha.com, we have lots of fun sharing our love for the wonderful pipe and tobacco.  In fact, we have so much fun, we’ve decided to share it with you: our fellow smokers worldwide!  We know there are many writers and aspiring writers who share our passion for bubbling hookahs and tasty smoke rings, [...]

05 Jun

Romman gets canned! Same great hookah tobacco, less mess.

Has long-smoking, lip-smacking, smile-planting Romman shisha ever flipped your lid?  It sure flipped ours, especially when we saw the newly redesigned packaging!  No more messy boxes, no need to peek in on your shisha at night to ensure it isn’t drying out; 250g Romman shisha now comes in a handy-dandy, squeaky clean and airtight metal [...]