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Archive for July, 2008

29 Jul

We’re moving on up (to the North side)!

That’s right, we’ve grown too big for our britches at our current location and are packing up and moving warehouses! The good news is that we’ll be able to carry a larger inventory in the future and will have more products in stock at all times. Unfortunately, the bad news is that this move will [...]

28 Jul

Hookah Etiquette Old and New

In the countries where the hookah developed the hookah is considered almost sacred, because of this an intricate system of etiquette developed around the hookah. When the hookah is shared the hose should either be placed on the table to signify that it is available or it should be passed to right. When it is [...]

14 Jul

Mya bowls get a gym membership, pump iron, get huge

Often the question is asked of us, “what is the largest bowl that you sell?” Up until this point the answer was always “well, that depends, the Mod Bowls are wider but shallower, the regular Mya ceramic bowls are deeper but narrower, and the large Phunnel bowl holds the most tobacco but smokes much differently [...]

14 Jul

Special Guest Blog Author: “So What Is This Hookah Anyways?”

Howdy Hookah Lovers! presents our third guest blog author and finalist in our blog contest. Frank C answers the familiar question, “So what Is This Hookah Anyways?” We can’t think of a better question! The best way I have found of describing a hookah is through cultural references that people are already familiar with. [...]

14 Jul

Special Guest Blog Author: “Support Your Local Hookah Bar!”

Howdy Hookah Lovers! presents our second guest blog author and finalist in our blog contest. Kyle Johnson from Virginia tells us to “Support your Local Hookah Bar.” And why shouldn’t you? Take it away Kyle! As a frequent hookah smoker myself, I was greatly encouraged to visit I was first introduced to hookah [...]

14 Jul

Special Guest Blog Author – “Mom’s Hookah Adventure”

Howdy Hookah Lovers! presents our first guest blog author and finalist in our blog contest! Sarah K from Wyoming gives her poignant tale of an exciting hookah adventure, and goes to show that hookah smokers come in all ages and backgrounds. Without further ado, here is a “Mom’s Hookah Adventure.” Enjoy! What does a [...]

02 Jul

The beauty of hookah

This isn’t a pipe – it’s a work of art!” a customer recently emailed us of his new Mya. We couldn’t agree more. In this age of utilitarianism, form falls too often second to function, and the artistry of hookahs – decoration for the simple joy of adornment – shines forth. After all, decorating something [...]