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29 Sep

The apples of our eye

Apple. Double apple. Triple apple. Bahraini, eskendrani, and rowan apples. You won’t need to compare apples to apples to see the differences, we’ve gone straight to the core of the matter for the low-down on what you can expect from the many variations of the original forbidden fruit. Double Apple: Believe it or not, “Double [...]

23 Sep

Hookah 101 – Zen and the Art of Hookah Maintenance

Howdy Hookah fans! What you see here is the elusive “leaning hookah” phenomenon, and this is occurs when the connection between the hookah shaft and the base does not fit as tightly as it should. This can be caused by several reasons: Over a long period of time, when the shaft of the hookah is [...]

12 Sep

Phunnel Bowls, are they really worth it?

Traditional bowls have always worked great for attaining smooth, thick smoke. However, haven’t you always wanted more flavor? Flavor is what i long for in my hookahs; whether it be a smooth cooling mix of watermelon and mint on a summer day or a warming blend of cappuccino and vanilla.  Phunnel bowls work by retaining [...]