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23 Oct

Halloween Hookah and Shisha Sale!

Just in time for Halloween, we have assembled some sweet treats to put into your hookah basket.  Now through November 4, 2008 you can pick up some tasty shisha flavors and a great little hookah at fantastic prices: Al Waha Shisha Tobacco – 250g Boxes for $6.75 each (15% Off) Romman Shisha Tobacco (non value [...]

07 Oct

Hookah tip #235 – The “Poor Man’s Chiller”

Howdy Hookah fans, We received this tip from a customer a while back, and it’s just so gosh-darn innovative that we had to share it with you. The Economy has seen better days, people.  Banks are failing, the stock market is taking a bath, dogs and cats living together, mass hysteria.  That doesn’t mean you [...]

06 Oct

Turn your hookah into a Hot Rod!

Hookah Booster: The accessories needed to turn your Hookah into a Hot Rod! Our hookahs, much like new cars, come straight from the factory and are ready to roll fresh out of the box. However, if you want to smoke like a pro, there are a few necessary upgrades. The hookahs we sell are the [...]

01 Oct

Wobbly Hookah \Bowl? Use the “Paper Towel” Trick

Howdy Hookah fans! What we see here is more common than the “leaning hookah” phenomenon, but much easier to fix, and with materials that are more readily available. The heat from the coals on your hookah bowl may make the bowl grommet soft over time, so don’t worry when you start to notice it sliding up [...]