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26 Nov

How should I store my Shisha?

An often overlooked but vitally important part to maintaining flavor and quality of smoke from your shisha tobacco is to make sure that it is stored properly.  A freshly opened box or bag of shisha, if properly stored, has an approximate shelf life of around six months. The shisha will never technically “go bad,” but [...]

21 Nov

Hookah troubleshooting: My rotating hookah seems to be leaking, how do I fix it?

Here’s a quick fact about Rotating Hookahs: They make the perfect party hookah!  Why?  Have you ever had a group of people over at your place, sitting around your hookah, and it tips over because some klutz tugged on the hose a little too hard? And then the coals burn a hole in your favorite [...]

18 Nov

2008 Holiday Hookah Sale!

Howdy hookah friends, This holiday season we have 3 awesome hookah packages that make perfect affordable gifts! Leila Pertable Hookah $79.95 The three “ultimate” hookah packages come with two automatic upgrades – a Nammor hookah hose and a Heba Diffuser.  We’ve also lowered the price on our famous Leila Portable Hookah, which makes the perfect [...]

17 Nov

The Great Pumpkin Hookah

Now that we’ve transitioned from the season of “Trick’or’treat” to the season of “treat and more treat”, we’re looking forward to spreading the HookahLove and cheer with our fellow smokers worldwide. In the spirit of the season, Clinton sends us pictures of an ingenious seasonal smoking device. While we have worst case hookah scenarios with [...]

17 Nov

Photos from our Hookah Love Party ’08 – check ‘em out!

Our first ever Hookah Love party was quite a successful event!  We made some new friends and got to put a face to the name of many of our local customers.  We’d like to thank everyone who came out on a Thursday night and shared some hookah love with us! If you missed this one, [...]

07 Nov

Hookah Love Party ’08 – Come One Come All!

Hookah-shisha.com is proud to present our first ever Hookah Love Party ’08! For all of you hookah friends in the Central Texas area that don’t have any plans next Thursday night, you do now!  Come and experience an awesome evening of free hookah tasting, live music from our employee bands,  hookah raffles, and the premiere [...]

07 Nov

Egyptian Hookahs 2.0: Better, Faster, Stronger

We can rebuild him.  We have the technology… Our Egyptian Hookahs are now better than ever!  We’ve gathered your feedback (thank you, by the way) and have made improvements to ensure that our flagship hookah line is the most outstanding on the market in terms of craftsmanship and smoke quality. Improved Welding: Some feedback we [...]

03 Nov

Sultan Mix-a-lot: popular shisha mixes and flavor blends

I like big bowls, and I cannot lie. You other smokers can’t deny when you sit down to a bowl with big taste, and clouds of smoke before your face, you get sprung. While single flavor bowls are fine for pedestrian smokers, the more adventurous like to mix it up by combining flavors of shisha [...]