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30 Jan

How To Load A Hookah Bowl: Tips On Loading And Tending A Hookah Bowl

Many ask us for the ‘secret’ behind a great smoking hookah. As your resident hookah ninjas, we’re happy to pass down a hint, one of the most simple things you can do to improve your smoke. This age-old advice has been hidden deep in hookah lore, passed down from generation to generation of neophyte hookah [...]

29 Jan

Hookahs and Gaming

Whether watching a movie or reading a book, assisting customers online at “The Office” or shooting the breeze with friends, whenever I find myself sitting in one place for a while, I light up a hookah. Smoking a hookah when one’s hands are free is one thing, but what if one wants to smoke when sniping [...]

23 Jan

Cleaning Your Hookah: How to Properly Clean a Hookah

Does every bowl you smoke on your hookah taste like Double Apple…even though you’ve not had Double Apple in a week? Does your hookah base have a “fill-to” line built up from the last 20 sessions?  If you answered yes, it is probably time to clean your hookah. If you answered no, it is still [...]

05 Jan

Happy 2009! New Year, New Products!

Howdy hookah friends!  We hope everybody had a great 2008.  We’re very excited that 2009 is here, which means a brand new year, brand new products, and a brand Nou Nou! Here’s a few cool hookah accessories and hookah pipes we’ve added to our ever-growing line of everything hookah: 1. Want to gussy up your [...]

02 Jan

The Incredi-bowls: Hookah Bowl Styles and Shapes

If your hookah were a ship, the hookah bowl would be the bridge from which the captain delivers commands (big billowy commands of smoke) to the rest of the hookah ship. Or, if your hookah were a computer, the bowl would be the keyboard…well, while extended metaphors may not be our strength, hookah smoking certainly [...]