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27 Feb

Hookah Mythbuster – Does a tall hookah really smoke better than a small hookah?

One of the most common prejudices against small hookahs, ‘that they smoke worse than tall hookahs’ may be simply a myth based on our perception of the hookah’s appearance.   Let’s take a closer look at some of the claims made about the differences: Myth #1: Tall hookahs cool the smoke more than small hookahs [...]

26 Feb

Crystal Mya Hookahs – Back in Stock (But Not For Long!)

Howdy Hookah friends!  Due to popular demand our most elegant and stylish of modern hookahs, the Crystal Mya Hookahs, are now back in stock in limited supply.  Quite possibly the sexiest hookahs on the market, there aren’t enough superlatives in the English language to describe how awesome these are.  Our first batch sold out quickly [...]

24 Feb

Turn up the Base! Top 10 Things to Add to Your Hookah Base to Enhance the Experience

People are always asking us, “What else besides water can I put in my hookah base to add a dimension of flavor and thickness to the smoke?” Great question, and it’s one that we here at hookah-shisha.com have toiled with for years.WATER is and will always the best thing for your hookah but we know [...]

23 Feb

Hookah Appreciation: My “Too Serious” Two Cents

By Tatum Vayavananda I think I speak for everyone when I say that hookahs are really meant to be appreciated and respected. By this I mean all aspects of it; appreciate the concept of hookah: everything from the harmony of the hardware, shisha and science to the cultural, historical and modern influences. I believe that [...]

21 Feb

Mix of the moment: a delicious mix of Fantasia’s shisha flavors

Brand-new from our Hookah-Shisha.com laboratory of shisha mixes comes this truly tantalizing taste sensation.  Fantasia Hookah Tobacco‘s juicy shisha flavors have been making quite a splash lately, and for good reason!  At a local lounge last night, I had the extreme fortune of sampling one of Fantasia’s newer flavors, Cactus Breeze, mixed with Fantasia’s Wild [...]

20 Feb

Free Hookah Giveaway Winners

Especially when it comes to giving away $675.00 in Hookah-Shisha.com store credit, late is better than never. We’re happy to announce all previous month’s Monthly Giveaway Survey winners, and wish all the winners congratulations and happy smokin’! September -  Lesile, from MN *  *  * October -  Kevin, from PA * * * November – Linda, from [...]

19 Feb

What’s in the name “hookah”? – shisha by any other would taste as sweet

You can’t have a hookah without a hookah session. Well, technically, you can have an unused hookah and therefore no hookah sessions, but such unspeakable oddities shan’t be dwelt upon in this blog. The problem is, as anyone who has used the term “hookah session” three times in as many sentences knows, the phrase is [...]

18 Feb

Spitting Cobra Hookah Hose – More “Cobra-y” Than The Original

“Man, my cobra hookah hose looks nothing like a real cobra” you may have thought to yourself.   Or maybe you haven’t.  Either way, we’ve got a fresh stock of new Spitting Cobra Hookah Hoses!  These super-thick hoses are available in 3 colors and 2 sizes and feature a durable ceramic handle sporting an Egyptian [...]

17 Feb

Hookah Wind Covers – More Useful Than Just “Wind Covering”

Hookah wind covers, while an essential aid when smoking outdoors during an airy evening, are often overlooked as something that can really improve your shisha smoking experience indoors as well. The wind cover basically helps retain heat around your bowl, which will heat up your bowl faster and will help your coals stay lit longer [...]

14 Feb

Let the Good Times roll with Romman’s most popular shisha flavor!

“Laissez Les Bon Temps Roulez” in French, and the name of one of my favorite songs by the Cars, “let the good times roll” is a fitting benediction to a bowl of one of the top ‘must-try flavors’ of the shsiha world:  Romman‘s Good Times. Having smoked innumerable bowls of this delicious shisha since my [...]