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Archive for March, 2009

30 Mar

Hookah-shisha.com is now on Twitter!

    That’s right, in our continuous effort to provide the best customer experience possible, we have set up a Twitter page so you can receive instant updates from us.  For you hookah fans and loyal customers who are Twitter members, here are some good reasons to “follow” us on Twitter: Instant stock updates:  We’ll [...]

26 Mar

Jumbo Charcoal Holder: lighting natural hookah coals in centrifugal style!

So you have a hookah party planned, or perhaps just an all-night marathon session.  For these, and any other reasons that you’d like to get lots of natural hookah coal a’glowin quickly, here’s an old trick that’s sure to impress. Do be careful, of course – we needn’t remind you that coal is quite hot, [...]

24 Mar

Nammor Old School Rotator: one of the best smoking hookahs around!

People frequently ask us “What is the best hitting hookah you have?”, to which we invariably answer “The Nammor Old School Rotator Hookah“. While the Greeks referred to the god Zeus as the “cloud gatherer”, with the Old School Rotator, you can steal his thunder by pulling your own rolling storm clouds of smoke, especially [...]

23 Mar

Syrian Hookahs are back in stock

For those of you who have been waiting anxiously, we’re happy to announce that our Syrian hookahs are back in stock!  Direct from the heart of the Middle East, these exquisite hookahs are individually hand-crafted by skilled artisans in small batches exclusively for Hookah-shisha.com.   All of the Syrian hookahs have 3 “ports,” which means a [...]

19 Mar

The “Flower Pot” Hookah – Egyptian Quality Hookah with a Unique Base

Here’s another unique piece direct from Egypt – we call this the “Flower Pot” hookah and as you can see it’s not your average hookah setup – Instead of a traditional glass or acrylic base, the water chamber is made of solid, tarnish-resistant metal and is supported by a wrought iron stand.   Indoor garden [...]

18 Mar

Comparing hookah foil and hookah bowl screens: different smokes for different folks.

Like the Butter Battle of Dr. Seussian lore, the dispute over screens and foil for one’s bowl gives no indication of decisive conclusion.  Fans of foil are as deeply entrenched as supporters of screens on the means to separate ones shisha from one’s coal.  In this Better Bowl blog, we’ll examine the more specific details [...]

16 Mar

A Winos Guide to Smoking Shisha

by Tatum Vayavananda I enjoy the opportunity to write for Hookah-Shisha.com. I enjoy being able to express myself and let my ideas, rants and raves run free into cyberspace. However, I have to admit; I have a secret agenda. Yep, all this writing, ranting and raving is not only for sheer joy, but I want [...]

13 Mar

Longest smoking hookah: 6 quick tips for prolonging your hookah’s life

Did you know that just a couple minutes of maintenance can add several years to your hookah’s life?  That’s right – just a few steps can ensure hundreds of extra bowls out of your faithful pipe(s).  With these five low-cost steps you can guarantee a longer, fuller life for your hookah. Coating ball bearings – [...]

11 Mar

Tangiers F-Line now in stock

Caffeinated Hookah Tobacco?  Sounds peculiar, but judging by the number of requests we’ve received it seems to be quite popular amongst Tangiers Hookah Tobacco fans.  We now carry the infamous Tangiers F-Line in 7 different flavors.  As with the regular Tangiers, this unwashed tobacco requires some conditioning and special treatment before use and is probably [...]

10 Mar

Free Hookah? Now it’s easier than ever

Update 10/25/10 – We have now unfortunately run out of stock on the Mini Mya Hookah, so this promotion has come to a close.  We are currently working with our suppliers for an alternate hookah to give away for free, and will make an announcement once that happens.  Again, we thank you for your understanding and [...]