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Archive for April, 2009

30 Apr

Fusion Shisha Tobacco – 23 New Flavors!

Fusion Shisha Tobacco has set a new store record – the most available flavors in one brand!  With the addition of 23 new flavors, that brings the total up to 86 to choose from.  Our personal favorite is Cloves, which tickles the taste buds with its spicy and long-lasting aroma.  Other new notables include Sweet [...]

23 Apr

Nammor Hookah Hose & Golden Quick-light Hookah Charcoals (40mm) – Featured Products for Friday, April 24th

Howdy Hookah Friends!  It’s the last day of our 9th birthday shisha sale, and we’re featuring not one but two of our most popular exclusive products at 19% off for one day only (Friday, April 24th)! Our Nammor hookah hoses are world-famous – so much in fact that they’ve spawned several imitators!  Don’t be fooled [...]

22 Apr

Nammor Old School Rotator Hookah – Featured Product for Thursday, April 23rd

Our 2nd to last featured product for our birthday sale is one of our favorites.  We’ve gushed on this gem before (Nammor Old School Rotating Hookah: One of the best smoking hookahs around) and for today only (Thursday, April 23rd) the price of this ultra sturdy spinning spectacle is reduced 19%.   Cheers!

21 Apr

Mya Vortex (1 hose) Hookah – Featured Product for Wednesday, April 22nd

As one of our most popular Mya hookahs, the Mya Vortex (1 hose) Hookah features a fancy etched glass base that screws into the shaft (no base grommets!) and all the qualities that make Mya Saray the leading manufacturer of outstanding hookah pipes.  The included carrying case makes it easy to transport this hookah to [...]

20 Apr

Ba Barkir Hookah Hose – Featured Product for Tuesday, April 21st

The Ba Barkir Hookah Hose comes from the “long handled” hookah hose family and is one of the classics.  Featuring 12 inches of shimmering gold or silver in the handle and totaling 72 inches in length, this hose is perfect for both people looking to trick out their hookah and game show enthusiasts alike!  Put [...]

19 Apr

Syrian Snake (2 hose) Hookah – Featured Product for Monday, April 20th

Today’s featured product is one of the sleekest traditional Middle Eastern hookah pipes we carry.  The Syrian Snake (2 hose) Hookah is hand-crafted to the pinnacle of style with a decorative gold metal “snake” that winds around the stainless steel shaft.   Choose from either a blue or green decorated glass base with matching blue [...]

18 Apr

Leila Portable Hookah – Featured Product for Sunday, April 19th

There isn’t much else to say about the Leila Portable Hookah that already hasn’t been said, so I’ll sum up the reviews – this hookah rocks!  Today only (Sunday, April 19th) you can get this ultimate in hookah technology at 19% off of the list price!  Happy Smoking!

17 Apr

Ultimate Combo Hookah Bowl – Featured Product for Saturday, April 18th

This hookah accessory is three, three, three things in one!  We refer to the Ultiamte Combo Hookah Bowl (a combination Mod Bowl, charcoal screen, and wind lid) as “carpet insurance.”  If you’re a regular hookah smoker, I’m sure you’ve experienced an unfortunate tipover at least once that caused hot coals to spill on your carpet, [...]

16 Apr

Egyptian Scarab (2 hose) Hookah – Featured Product for Friday, April 17

Our second featured product for our 9 day birthday run, the Egyptian Scarab 2 hosed hookah belongs at the top of the small hookah tier and is an authentic hand-made hookah (made in our factory in Egypt) that proves powerful puffs can come from a wee water pipe!  You can chose from 3 different colors [...]

15 Apr

Hookah-Shisha.com turns 9 years old!

There’s nothing quite like celebrating ones birthday, especially if you get to share some of the birthday love.  It seems like only a few years ago that we were selling hookahs out of a dorm room and now, thanks to you, we’ve grown to where we are today – and we certainly couldn’t have done [...]