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27 Jul

Hookah Mouth Tips – Practice Safe Smoking

Chickenpox. Swine Flu. Community-Associated Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus. If you answered “things you don’t want to catch while smoking a hookah with a group of people,” you are correct! All kidding aside, you can never be too careful these days – especially when throwing a hookah party or taking your hookah places where it will be [...]

23 Jul

Shisha Tobacco Flavors: Nuts and Gum – Together At Last!

Nuts and Gum, together at last. Where else would these comically mismatched chewables mix together for a unique taste than in the hookah world? While we have several posts highlighting the myriad of shisha tobacco flavors we offer including cocktail themed flavors, coffee flavors, dessert flavors, non-fruity flavors, even basic traditional flavors, here we present 6 [...]

22 Jul

International Shipping F.A.Q. – Why is my credit card being declined?

A recent security upgrade made by the company that processes our online payments (Linkpoint International) will sometimes decline a credit card if there are any diacritical marks in the cardholders name or billing address. Diacritical marks are common in foreign alphabets, such as accents (the “é” in Orléans), umlauts (the “ö” in Köln), tildes (the [...]

21 Jul

Hookah How To: Cleaning a Washable Hookah Hose

A main ingredient of a great hookah smoking session is a freshly cleaned hookah hose.  Here we present easy step-by-step instructions on how to clean a washable hookah hose for the most excellent of smokes! It is important to note that these instructional steps are only for hookah hoses advertised as “washable” (including the Nammor [...]

20 Jul

International Shipping (outside of North America) F.A.Q. – How much does it cost to ship to my country?

????! Hola! Guten tag, comment ça va? We here at Hookah-Shisha.com may not be able to freely converse in a myriad of dialects but we are fluent in the international language of hookah! As such we routinely ship hookahs to all seven continents (that’s right, even Antarctica!) All our international orders are shipped via USPS, [...]

16 Jul

Hookah How To: Preventing Your Hookah Hose From Falling Out of the Hookah

Does your hookah hose keep falling out in the middle of your smoking session?  In most cases the hose just needs a good “push and twist” down into your hookah’s hose adapter (don’t be afraid to use a little force!).  Placing the grommet firmly on the end of the hose first  (as far up as [...]

14 Jul

iHookah app – Hookah Smoking Simulation on your iPhone!

A customer of ours pointed this out to us, and we thought this was uber cool!   Hookah fans with an iPhone can now “smoke” a digital hookah with this nifty iPhone app (only $0.99!)  The coals on the hookah glow red when you inhale near the mic, and smoke fills the screen when you [...]

13 Jul

Fumari Orange Cream Shisha Review

Fumari shisha has smoke is London fog thick and the flavors are rich and true to their names. One flavor, however, that is often overlooked simply must be brought to your attention. I introduce to you: Fumari Orange Cream. As we are deep in the heart of summer time, the Orange Cream is perfect for [...]

12 Jul

Fumari Hookah Tobacco – Our 10 Most Popular Flavors

Best Fumari Shisha Flavors While it may seem that we only rave about Romman and Starbuzz as being the cat’s meow of shishas, we can’t forget about our other great premium brand Fumari Shisha Tobacco!  It’s due time we show them some love, so here we present their 10 best and most popular flavors: 10. Fumari [...]

11 Jul

Dust in your hookah hose?

Too much dust in your mouth? Many hookah afficiandos notice, after numerous uses, suddenly dry bits of bad tasting dust start appearing in the hose, making inhalation unpleasant to say the least.  Why does this happen, and what does it mean?  If you must ask yourself, perhaps its time to replace your hose. As you [...]