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25 Feb

Mya Obelisk Hookah – Featured Hookah Pipe

In ancient Egypt Obelisks stood as majestic tributes, often at the entrance of pyramids, to the Sun God Ra, whose creation myth is directly tied to the four sided pillar and was believed by many to live in the ancient stone monuments. While our Mya Obelisk Hookah is not inhabited by a God, it is [...]

08 Feb

5 Valentine’s Day Shishas For Lovers

Flowers and a box of chocolates?  Pfft, Valentine’s Day gifts for amateurs. Here we present 5 V-Day Shisha’s that make the perfect gift for that special hookah lover in your life! 5. Starbuzz Pink – The official color of Valentine’s Day (and Steven Tyler’s favorite!).  The Pink flavor from Starbuzz has a strong fruit punch taste [...]

03 Feb

Hookah Hoses, Hookah Hoses, and more Hookah Hoses!

Hookah Hoses, in all colors of the rainbow!  If you’re looking to upgrade your current hookah hose or simply wish to add to your collection, we’ve got quite a few new additions to our selection (hooray!).   First off, 7 brand new colors of Khalil Mamoon Hookah Hoses!  These are the same hoses that come with many [...]