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29 Apr

Syrian Hookahs – Back in Stock and Better Than Ever!

Syrian Hookahs are like Halley’s Comet – They’re beautiful, majestic, and show up every 75 years (ha!) All kidding aside, these decorative hookahs are manufactured in small batches and have a longer production time due to their hand-made nature. As a result, we receive a shipment of these on average of once a year, and [...]

16 Apr

10th Birthday Sale! 20% off all Nammor Hookahs, Hookah Charcoals, and Hookah Accessories!

Update 4/26/10 – The 10th Anniversary Sale has come to an end, but stay tuned for upcoming promos and discounts!  Happy Smoking! O frabjous day! Hookah-Shisha.com is 10 years old!  Callooh! Callay! To mark this momentous occasion – a whole decade of servicing and educating the ever-growing hookah community – for the next 10 days [...]

13 Apr

Social Smoke Tobacco – Our Newest Premium Hookah Tobacco

Howdy Hookah Friends! Many of you have noticed a recent addition to our line of premium hookah tobaccos: Social Smoke Hookah Tobacco. This being the newest brand to hit the market, initial skepticism is understandable. With the buzz building and with positive reviews starting to trickle in, we’re starting to field more and more questions [...]

02 Apr

Evolution Tea Herbal Shisha – Another Tobacco-Free Alternative for Your Hookah

Did you know that tea is the 2nd most consumed beverage in the world, next to water? It’s true! With the demand for tobacco-free alternatives in the hookah market growing at a rapid rate, it’s no surprise that someone eventually figured out a way to smoke it. Enter the next generation of herbal shisha for [...]