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23 Jun

Social Smoke Hookah Tobacco – Now Available in Super Packs!

Howdy Hookah Friends! Due to overwhelming demand, we are now offering Social Smoke Hookah Tobacco in Super Packs. That’s 3 250g tins plus your hookah charcoal of choice, all at a discounted price! Psst…more flavors coming soon. Happy Smoking!

14 Jun

Tangiers Hookah Tobacco – Top 10 Most Popular Flavors

Like the art of growing the Bonsai tree, getting Tangiers Hookah Tobacco to smoke perfectly takes patience and craftiness. Because of its robust design and sensitivity to heat, several factors need to be taken into account — humidity acclimation, packing style, and coal rotation all need to be managed meticulously. Even though one customer left [...]

10 Jun

Small Mya Saray Hookahs – Featured Hookah Pipes

Smoke hookah at your work desk? Don’t mind if I do! While most may not have the pleasure (or the permission) to smoke their hookah at work, those with home offices (or those that work at a hookah company, haha) can enjoy a bowl of mint, mango, or margarita shisha while clacking away fervently on [...]