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30 Dec

Hookah Tobacco Review: Social Smoke Hookah Tobacco – Twisted

I think the problem with naming something with creative intent is that the customer has a hard time knowing what to expect. Social Smoke hookah tobacco has flavors like Voltage, Blush, Mobster, Potion 9, Sex Panther, The Edge, and Twisted, and consumers like me don’t have a clue what these taste like. Names like Pink Lemonade [...]

28 Dec

Hookah Culture: Rules and Etiquette

Smoking Hookah is and always will be a social experience.  As if I needed to tell you!  “Hookah Culture” is a vast umbrella that covers history, customs/traditions, etiquette, atmosphere, and more.  Today, as the wave of hookah culture is spreading to newer regions of the world, some traditions get left behind and forgotten.  Some, on [...]

21 Dec

Hookah Review: Social Smoke Simply Apple Hookah Tobacco

Just when you think that you’re up to your eyeballs in apple hookah flavors, there’s that moment where you don’t even want to try another one.  Suddenly out of nowhere, Social Smoke Simply Apple comes around and slaps you in the face with the proverbial white glove, challenging you to try theirs or be squares. [...]

20 Dec

Hookah Tobacco Review: Al Tawareg Hookah Tobacco – Guava Kuava

Once again, Al Tawareg has forced me to change my opinions on certain flavors of hookah tobacco. Before Al Tawareg, I never really liked hookah flavors such as apricot, banana split, pineapple and guava. However, this new line has amazing flavors that send their competition back to the minor leagues. The most recent hookah flavor [...]

17 Dec

Holiday Shipping Schedule 2010

Don’t let that holiday gift arrive late!  Here is this year’s UPS holiday shipping schedule for our Domestic customers: UPS Ground Orders: Please refer to the UPS ground map below for the shipping times, which are based on your geographic distance from Austin. Since UPS Ground orders ship out the following business day, and because [...]

16 Dec

Hookah Tobacco Review: Fantasia Hookah Tobacco – Gingerbread

It’s hard to think about gingerbread without seeing that house made out of gingerbread from the epic tale, Hansel and Gretel. To be honest, I’m not exactly sure what gingerbread tastes like. I vaguely remember how gingerbread cookies simply tasted like brown sugar with a touch of cinnamon. But it’s been years. So let’s let [...]

15 Dec

Shisha Tobacco Review: Social Smoke Passion Fruit

Question: How many of you actually know what a passion fruit tastes like? Probably not many of you. They’re not commonly found in many households. Their sweet guava/mango-like taste is more often used in juices or in other types of cooking such as cakes and sauces. But what you should know about Passion Fruit is [...]

14 Dec

Review: Smoke Skreen Hookah Water Additive

Six Coco Nara coals on the fire, two hookahs, two bowls of Fantasia Rainbow Burst, and one mystery vile of Smoke Skreen hookah water additive that has been secretly placed in one of the hookah bases by one of my friends so I wouldn’t know. One of my lab rat hookahs is an Old School [...]

09 Dec

Holiday Hookah and Shisha Promo 2010!

Howdy Hookah Friends! ‘Tis the season for Hookah and Shisha! We hope everyone has safe and happy holidays this year, and to help we’re having 2 holiday promotions that will hopefully make things a little merrier! Domestic customers (orders shipping to the contiguous 48 United States) can use the coupon code HolidayShip75 to get free [...]

08 Dec

Hookah Tobacco Review: Social Smoke Hookah Tobacco – Clove

My number one question has been whether or not Social Smoke Clove hookah tobacco was going to taste anything like real cloves. For those of you that do not know what cloves taste like, they have a very warm, numbingly sweet spice flavor similar to cinnamon and/or nutmeg. It’s not as hot as cinnamon but [...]