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28 Feb

Tangiers Hookah Tobacco: The How-To Guide to Smoking Tangiers

Several words come to mind when describing Tangiers Hookah Tobacco: Esoteric. Intricate. Loyalty. Let me explain; Tangiers is a hookah tobacco that requires special instructions, care, patience, and work. But once you get Tangiers to smoke right (and believe me it will take some trial and error to get it right), you are a Tangiers fan [...]

25 Feb

Hookah Tobacco Review: Fumari Hookah Tobacco – Banana Twist

Some of the best things about early A.M. risings are enjoying pancakes with a pound of syrup on top, a nice hot cup of coffee, and a pastry that has more calories than a Big Mac. However, no morning routine is complete without your good friend Mr. Hookah! Typical morning flavors are Fumari Blueberry Muffin, [...]

23 Feb

Shisha Review: Starbuzz Acid Shisha Tobacco – RED

Starrbuzz Acid shisha tobacco proudly launched 4 new flavors recently – Red, Purple, Blue and Gold. There is one in particular that makes me wonder if I’m going crazy! Starbuzz Acid Red. I didn’t think I had lost my mind until I came across a few reviews that were lingering out in cyberspace claiming this stuff [...]

22 Feb

Hookah Tobacco Review: Starbuzz Acid Hookah Tobacco – Purple

Starbuzz Acid Hookah Tobacco has launched 4 new flavors with the vaguest titles ever. Blue, Purple, Gold, and Red. Since most people know the name Acid refers to the cigar company by Drew Estate, there has been a lot of speculation as to whether or not this new Starbuzz Acid line is going to taste [...]

21 Feb

Hookah Tobacco Review: Starbuzz Acid Hookah Tobacco – Gold

Everybody is talking about the new Starbuzz Acid hookah tobacco flavors – Red, Blue, Purple, and Gold. By now, you should have heard that Starbuzz joined forces with Acid Cigars (by Drew Estate) to make Starbuzz Acid, the newest craze in the hookah industry. While their flavors aren’t exactly named for obvious reasons, it leaves [...]

18 Feb

Shisha Review: Starbuzz Acid Shisha Tobacco – Blue

Welcome to the new line of Starbuzz Shisha Tobacco - Starbuzz Acid! The two companies responsible for launching this new line of shisha are Drew Estate (known for Acid Cigars) and Starbuzz who need no introduction. My first thought when I heard about this “pairing from left field” was whether or not this new shisha tobacco was [...]

16 Feb

Hookah Tobacco Review: Al Tawareg Orange Cream Hookah Tobacco

When I learned Romman had a new line of hookah tobacco priced comparably to brands like Al Waha and Al Fakher, I couldn’t wait for the first shipment to arrive.  Al Tawareg Hookah Tobacco offers over 30 new shisha flavors! Although I didn’t know what flavors to expect (except of course for the “whiskey” flavor [...]

15 Feb

Hookah Tobacco Review: Fantasia Purple Haze Hookah Tobacco

The term “purple haze” has been thrown around for over a century, as far back in literature as 1861 used by Charles Dickens and more recently by our beloved Rock and Roll icon Jimi Hendrix.  Since 1967, every time most people hear the phrase purple haze, they are more than likely going to think of [...]

14 Feb

Hookah Tobacco Review: Fantasia Cupid’s Arrow Hookah Tobacco

Now when I think about Valentine’s Day I won’t only think about lovey-dovey cards, flowers, boxes of candy, chocolates, and sweet nothings, I’ll also think about Fantasia Cupid’s Arrow hookah tobacco. Without even smoking Cupid’s Arrow, I assume they’re going for the flavor of those tiny heart candies you give your special someone on Valentine’s [...]

10 Feb

Shisha Review: Fumari Blueberry Muffin Shisha Tobacco

Since the dawn of time (ok, not really, but I always wanted to start a blog out that way), Blueberry Muffins have been a staple in our culinary culture. Like peanut butter & jelly, cookies & milk, and popcorn & overpriced movie tickets, blueberries and muffins were destined for one another. It’s no secret how [...]