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Archive for May, 2011

24 May

Fumari White Gummi Bear Shisha – Employee Review

Fumari White Gummi Bear Shisha is by far one of the most exciting shisha flavors we’ve received in a while. This hookah tobacco flavor has a citrusy pineapple flavor. I’m always in the mood for a little tropical hookah session. They tend to have magical day brightening powers! Fumari White Gummi Bear smells tart and [...]

22 May

Hookah Tobacco Review: Starbuzz Sex on the Beach Hookah Tobacco

Ah, the classic Starbuzz Sex on the Beach! These days, it seems that everyone has jumped on the whole risqué bandwagon that Starbuzz spearheaded. Now I know they didn’t invent the wheel or anything, but they were one of the pioneers in pushing the sexual envelope in regards to naming hookah tobacco flavors. But let’s be fair, [...]

21 May

Shisha Review: Fantasia Shisha Tobacco – Blueberry Splash

When it comes to blueberry flavored shisha, there are only a few flavors that I hold in such high regard enough to recommend to others without batting an eye. For a while, my only response to the question , ‘what is the best blueberry flavor’ has been Fumari Blueberry Muffin. But yesterday, the mighty thrown [...]

20 May

Hookah Tobacco Review: Tonic Hookah Tobacco – French Kiss

What hookah flavors come to mind when you hear the words French Kiss? Mint, maybe. Cinnamon, perhaps. Possibly even Rose. But if you’re sitting there thinking Turkish Coffee, you may want to offer some gum or mints to whomever you’re kissing. Just a suggestion. Tonic now has a hookah tobacco flavor that combines mystery and complexity, [...]

19 May

Hookah Tobacco Review: Tonic Bellylicious Hookah Tobacco

I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall when Tonic decided to name this one “Bellylicious”. To be honest, this whole time I thought I was smoking something called berrylicious. Wrong.  Tonic Bellylicous Hookah Tobacco may be the result of one person saying “hey, have you ever heard of Jelly Belly [...]

18 May

Shisha Review: Golden Layalina Shisha Tobacco – Chicago Special

What exactly is Chicago special for?  Well, let’s see: the Cubs, the Bulls, the Bears, the White Sox, the band Chicago, their pizza, and their shisha tobacco. Wait. That can’t be right. I can’t seem to figure out why Golden Layalina decided to name this shisha flavor Chicago Special. Usually, in situations like this, we would [...]

17 May

Shisha Review: Starbuzz Shisha Tobacco – Marlett

What exactly is Marlett?  Well, to be honest, besides being a font used by Microsoft Windows, I have no idea. The picture on the 250g tin of Starbuzz Marlett shisha tobacco shows an Egyptian man sitting. Thinking. Maybe he’s trying to figure it out as well. Instead of playing the guessing game, let’s just dive [...]

16 May

Hookah Tobacco Review: Tonic Hookah Tobacco – Kama Sutra

And the award for “Sexiest Hookah Flavor Title EVER” goes to… (drum roll)… Tonic Kama Sutra! Applause sign – followed by a Greer Garson-ishly long acceptance speech. You have to hand it to them, naming a hookah flavor Kama Sutra is bold. Tonic Hookah Tobacco must have been pretty proud of this one to name [...]

13 May

Romman Strawberry Shisha Tobacco: The Best Shisha Flavor in the Morning?

I don’t know about you, but there are some days when I wake up and can’t wait to smoke hookah before work. 7am is THE PERFECT TIME!  Most people are rushing off to Starbucks or the Donut Palace for coffee and/or donuts.  Not me. I’m loading Romman Turkish Coffee shisha, or Romman Vanilla mixed with [...]

10 May

Hookah Tobacco Review: Tonic Hookah Tobacco – Exotic Baklava

While I do love the fruity and minty hookah tobacco flavors, I like to change it up every now and then. And there is no better way to switch gears than to throw in something creamy and deliciously sweet, like my new favorite dessert flavor, Tonic Exotic Baklava hookah tobacco. Trust me when I say [...]