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20 Jun

Hookah Tobacco Review: Fantasia Shisha Tobacco – The Million Dollar Flavor

Fantasia Shisha Tobacco has done it again, piquing the curiosity of the masses with their latest hookah flavor, $1,ooo,ooo Dollar Flavor. Not only is the flavor new, but the packaging is one of a kind as well!  Straying from the typical black box, Fantasia designed the $1,000,000 Dollar Flavor label to resemble a Monopoly money [...]

16 Jun

Hookah Tobacco Review: Tonic Hookah Tobacco – Bada Bing

Every new hookah tobacco flavor that comes out these days seems to be competing for some non-existent “Most Ambiguous Title” award. Sometimes hookah tobacco companies come up with these off the wall names and then grace us with a picture that provides a little insight into what flavor to expect. Such is the case with Tonic Bada Bing [...]

06 Jun

Summer 2011 Sale – Free UPS Ground Shipping or 10% Off All Non-Sale Items!

Note: The Summer 2011 promotion has come to and end, sorry. Stick around for some awesome new products and contests all summer long! Happy Smoking! Howdy Hookah Friends! The “Summer of Shisha” is underway (hooray!) and for the next week, we’re offering some great promotions so hopefully you can celebrate with us!  For the following [...]