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30 Aug

Hookah Facebook Photoshop Contest – Hookahs in Famous Paintings!

Howdy Hookah Friends! Last week we held a contest on our Facebook page to Photoshop a hookah into any famous work of art (by the way, if you haven’t “liked” us on Facebook yet, you’re missing out on some awesome promotions and a chance to enter our weekly “Weird Wednesday” contests such as this one!).  Here’s a [...]

22 Aug

Featured Hookah Pipe – Mya Chic (1 Hose) Hookah

As one of the newer employees here at Hookah-Shisha.com I have spent the last few months on the job acquiring a massive amount of information about hookahs, shisha tobacco, coals and every possible hookah accessory you could think of. Today I had to put all of that knowledge to the test. Today was the day [...]

15 Aug

Back-to-School Promotion 2011 – 15% off All Non-Sale Items and More!

Update 09/07/11 : The 2011 Back-to-School Promotion has come to an end. Good luck to all of our college student friends, and happy smoking! Howdy Hookah Friends!  It’s that time of the year for all of our college student friends to begin the Fall 2011 semester, so to give you all (and anyone else) a helping [...]

11 Aug

Hookah How To: Stabilizing your Large Mya Saray Hookah

If you notice that the stem of your Large Mya Saray Hookah (namely the Mya Colossus Hookah) is a little unstable, or if it leans slightly to one side, here’s a simple fix that will make it more stable: The first step in improving the stability of the Mya shaft is to remove the clear rubber base [...]

04 Aug

Hookah Tobacco Review: Fantasia Hookah Tobacco – Joker

Batman. Steve Miller Band. Playing cards. Fantasia Hookah Tobacco. Yeah, they’re all related. I’ll pause for the visual moment you’re about to have. Batman smoking Fantasia Joker out of his new KM, playing poker while the jukebox in the corner is blasting some Steve Miller Band. For those that haven’t heard, Fantasia Joker is the one of the newest [...]