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29 Sep

Hookah Smoking in a Skirt: Karen’s Take on the Art of the Shisha

This one’s for the ladies. When people hear I work for a website that sells hookahs there are two reactions. One: How can they get such an awesome job? Two: But you’re a girl. Girls don’t smoke hookahs. Right? Not so. We of the female persuasion are just as skilled in the art of hookahry [...]

27 Sep

How to Light Hookah Charcoal: Natural Hookah Coals Lit the Easy Way

   There are important stages of evolution in every person’s life where lessons learned allow you to take a giant step forward and live your life to greater fulfillment; getting your driver’s license, traveling abroad for the first time, learning a new language, riding a mechanical bull (ok, the last one may just be me). [...]

22 Sep

What Hookah Flavor is the Best? Christopher’s Take on this Frequently Asked Question

There are three basic elements to shisha flavors: sweet, non-sweet, floral. The sweet flavors are your fruit and candy flavors, non-sweet include your mint and coffee flavors, and then you have your floral flavors, like rose or jasmine. Of course, there are tons of flavors that are combinations of these broader groups, and I’m sure [...]

19 Sep

Confessions of a Hookah Nerd: Chuck’s Advice on Becoming a Hookah Ambassador

I have a confession: I am a bit of a hookah nerd. You know that guy who hears someone whisper “hookah” from the other side of the room at a loud party and comes running over? That is me. I even carry around a hookah and a selection of shisha tobacco in my truck for those moments, ’cause [...]

16 Sep

Hookah Facebook Contest: Where Do You Smoke? The Best “Hookah Lairs”!

Howdy Hookah Friends! We asked our Facebook friends for pictures of your hookah “lairs” and you guys definitely delivered! Personally, I spend most of my time either smoking at work (life is rough, I know) or smoking with friends while being a hookah ambassador. As a result, I don’t really have a hookah lair of [...]

13 Sep

Top 10 Hookah Tobacco Mixes from Shakes the Shisha Chef!

  In the past few months, I have adopted a new nickname, “Shakes.” One of the reasons this nickname has stuck is my talent as a shisha tobacco mixologist. It is my distinguished honor and great pleasure to share my top ten hookah tobacco mixes with you! 10.  The Parisian Latte:  Starbuzz Carmel Macciato, Romman [...]

09 Sep

Hookah Facebook Contest: The Best “MacGyver” Hookahs!

 It happens to the best of us. You’re ready to set up your hookah and smoke your favorite shisha tobacco flavor, but to your horror you discover that a key component is missing or broken: Perhaps you left your hookah stem at your friend’s house, or your glass hookah base has been tragically reduced to [...]