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28 Mar

Hydro Hookah Vapor Stones – A New Tobacco-Free Alternative from Hydro

Do you have the “stones” to try the new Hydro Hookah Vapor Stones? Following the trailblazing footsteps of the Shiazo Shisha Steam Stones, the makers of Hydro Hebal Shisha have come out with their own version of glycerin-injected shisha stones that produce smoke-free and ncotine-free delicious vapor. Much like other shisha steam stones on the [...]

22 Mar

Soguk Cooling Hookah Hose Attachment – Experience the Coldest Hookah Smoke Possible!

  Introducing the Soguk Cooling Hookah Hose Attachment, a revolutionary hookah accessory that provides up to 2 hours of chilled, icy hookah smoke! Taking its name from the Turkish word for “cold,” this device is similar to the Mystique Hookah Ice Hose Tip but has the added advantage of being compatible with practically any hookah [...]

22 Mar

Khalil Mamoon Shareef Hookahs – Dark-Stemmed KM Hookahs with Washable Hoses

  Shareef DOES like it, because you can rock the Casbah with these awesome Khalil Mamoon Hookahs! Standing at 33 inches tall, these hookahs will bring out the “dark side” in you with their all black or all dark silver stems.  Both the KM Black Shareef Hookah and the KM Dark Silver Shareef Hookah have [...]

15 Mar

Shiazo Shisha Steam Stones – 250g Size Now Available

Since its introduction to our store earlier this year, Shiazo Shisha Steam Stones are becoming one of the most popular tobacco-free alternatives in hookah smoking. Originally only offered in a sample-sized 100g jar, we’re happy to announce that Shiazo Steam Stones are now available in a larger 250g size! Enjoy 10-15 bowls of smokeless, tobacco-free, nicotine-free [...]

14 Mar

Regal Hookahs at Hookah-Shisha.com – Exquisite Hookahs with Hand-Lathed Wood Stems

Hookah-Shisha.com is proud to introduce new Regal Hookahs, a line of American-made Eco-friendly hookah pipes composed of exquisite hand-lathed wooden stems and ornate glass bases. Founded in Boulder, Colorado by three hookah enthusiasts who envisioned the reinvention of a century’s old device, Regal Hookah is revolutionizing hookah design! The stems of the Regal Hookahs come in 3 [...]

08 Mar

Hookafina Shisha Tobacco – 100g Size Now Available, Plus New “Vegas Love” Flavor!

Hookafina Shisha Tobacco, one of the newest brands of hookah tobacco to hit our virtual shelves, made our list of Top 10 New Products From 2011 and with good reason: This delectable shisha is smooth on the inhale and satisfyingly dense on the exhale, making it a sleeper hit among seasoned hookah smokers. Hookah-Shisha.com is happy to [...]

07 Mar

Gaia Natural Coconut Hookah Coals – Now Available in an 84-Piece Box!

Howdy Hookah Friends! Up until now, our very own brand of natural coconut coals, Gaia Hookah Coals, were only available in a 16-piece box. Finally we’re happy to announce that our test run was a success and Gaia Coals are now available in an much larger 84-piece box!  Smoke anywhere from 20 to 40 bowls of hookah tobacco [...]

05 Mar

Sahara Smoke Hookahs – 16 New Models of Hookah Pipes from Sahara Smoke Now Available!

We are excited to add a new line of hookahs from Sahara Smoke, makers of the world-famous Vortex Hookah Bowl, to the lineup here at Hookah-Shisha.com! These new hookahs offer sizes from 15 inches (like the Genie Bubble Hookah) all the way to an impressive 30 inches (like the Twisted Sublime Hookah). The medium and [...]

02 Mar

Alien Mini Phunnel Bowls – New Hookah Bowls in Stock!

Howdy Hookah Friends! We now have available the American-made Alien Mini Phunnel Hookah Bowls! These are Similar in design to the Phunnel Hookah Bowl in that they utilize the “funnel” method of shisha consumption, allowing the tobacco to stew in its own juices which lengthens the smoking session and makes it much more pleasurable. These hookah bowls [...]

01 Mar

The Chief Kaloud Artisan Describes Kaloud Pure + Free Discount Code

Try Kaloud Pure for FREE by entering this discount code at checkout: KALOUDSAMPLE I’d like to open up by chatting a bit about Kaloud Pure. We, the crazy bastards at Kaloud, developed Kaloud Pure because we believe that sharing a Hookah is a powerful way for people to bond; we expand on this belief by holding fast [...]