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29 Nov

Austin’s Hookah Story

What’s Your Hookah Story? Hookah lovers know that it’s about more than just the buzz. We are collectors, flavor connoisseurs, and party hosts. Some travel the world collecting hookah experiences, while others prefer to have a small gathering in their own backyard. Regardless of how you do it, we want to know your hookah story. [...]

29 Nov

Hookah Glossary

Whether you’re new to the hookah community, or a seasoned veteran, it can be difficult to remember what all of the hookah parts are called. This can be especially frustrating when a particular piece is broken, missing, or incorrect in your order. Below is a glossary list of term to help you get to know [...]

19 Nov

Why Are You Always Sold Out of Tangiers?!

Almost every day we receive emails, chats, phone calls, and Facebook messages asking: “WHERE’S THE TANGIERS?!” And every day we tell our fellow hookah lovers that we are trying our hardest to keep it in stock, but it is literally impossible. Don’t believe us? Eric, the creator and producer of Tangiers, just released this statement [...]

19 Nov

Hookah-Shisha.com Cyber Monday Sale!

UPDATE: SALE ENDED TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 27 2012 AT 12:01AM We hope that you received some awesome hookahs, shisha, and accessories!  What’s better than Black Friday? How about saving money Monday THRU Cyber Monday!? Get your orderin’ fingers ready because on top of our big Pre-Black Friday Hookah sale that is going on through Cyber Monday (November [...]

15 Nov

Tangiers Birquq – The 5 Newest Flavors from Tangiers Hookah Tobacco

What is this Birquq stuff I keep hearing about? How on earth do you pronounce it? What are all these werid flavor names supposed to taste like? Where are my pants? (Most of) these answers can be found in the following post when the last 5 new flavors were announced: Tangiers Birquq – 5 New [...]

15 Nov

Halloween Hookah Costume Contest Winners!

Thanks to everyone who participated in our 2012 Hookah Halloween Costume Contest! We are happy to announce the winners (as voted on by our Facebook fans) in each category: Funniest, Scariest, and Most Creative. Each winner will receive a one-of-a-kind hookah package! Check out all of the submissions on our Facebook page. Drum roll please… [...]

12 Nov

Huge Pre-Black Friday Hookah Sale

Update: This Sale Has Ended. Happy Smoking! But really, it’s just some sweet sales. We wanted to get you ready for the holiday season with some big hookah discounts and conveniently packaged deals. Why wait until you’re too full of turkey to shop? Get started now! KM Double Pear Short Hookah 37 inches tall $124.99 $99.99 [...]

08 Nov

Hookafina Hookah Tobacco: 2 New Delicious Flavors that Up the Ante on Flavor Stakes!

  Watch out! Hookafina Shisha Tobacco is a rising contender in the “best premium hookah tobacco” race, and if they continue to release flavors that makes your mouth water just by thinking about them, I have a feeling they’ll be mopping the floor of their competitors with their awesome smoking prowess. New flavors you ask? [...]

02 Nov

Khalil Mamoon Hookahs: The First Round of the Winter Models

People can’t seem to get enough KM Hookahs – at least based on the requests and demand we get on a daily for these famous Egyptian imports.  Well, good news to you all! Our warehouse is chock-full of brand new models that have never been seen in our store, and we’ll be releasing a few [...]