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31 Mar

eGo T Electronic Cigarette

eGo-T e-Cig Information Guide   How does the eGo-T E-Cigarette work? The eGo-T Electronic Cigarette CE5 contains 3 parts: a battery, a clearomizer tank with atomizer heating unit, and a mouthtip. The power from the battery heats the atomizer which pulls liquid from the cartridge and changes it into a vapor. How do you smoke [...]

21 Mar

Hookah Life Imitating Art – Masterpieces of the Hookah Culture

The hookah world has been blessed by some of the most talented artists in history. Here are just a few works that were inspired by the unique and mysterious culture of hookah. From the classic to the surreal, hookah culture has been an inspiration to artists for centuries.   Modern surrealist painter Leila Ataya was [...]

21 Mar

Smoke Ring Machines: Biggest Smoke Rings We’ve Ever Seen

I don’t know about you, but I love smoke rings. Honestly, it’s one of my favorite parts of the hookah smoking experience. Who doesn’t feel proud when you shoot out that thick, perfectly round smoke ring? During a recent round of smoke ring related video watching, I saw a link to a smoke ring machine [...]

19 Mar

Top 10 Hookah Smoking Celebrities

10. A.J. McLean It may be fashionable these days to hate on 90′s Boy Bands, but A.J. McLean, the chin-strapped fifth of the Backstreet Boys, likes to get down with the shisha which makes him a-ok in our book. Here he is chillin with his favorite hubbly bubbly on his Cribs episode. 9. Miley Cyrus [...]

18 Mar

Al Fakher Shisha Tobacco: 6 New Minty, Fresh & Fruity Flavors!

The newest flavors of Al Fakher Hookah Tobacco are here! These are currently only available in a 50g box, with larger size options coming soon. Enough jibber-jabber already, here they are:   Fresh….! - No, I’m not adding superfluous punctuation marks to emphasize the freshness of this flavor, that’s actually how it’s spelled on the box. Fresh what? Well, this time [...]

07 Mar

Top 6 New Hookah Products of 2012

Hookahs are becoming more and more popular every day and 2012 was truly a banner year for new hookah products. In this post we will showcase what we consider the best new hookah accessories, hookah pipes, and shisha tobacco brands which were added to our store in 2012. Regal Hookahs (100% Positive reviews) – Featuring [...]

06 Mar

SmoQuest Hookah Coals – New Natural Coconut Hookah Charcoals

To seek the Holy Grail of hookah charcoal? You’re in luck, because SmoQuest Natural Coconut Hookah Coalscome pretty darn close. Coconut hookah charcoals are a favorite among hookah fans for many reasons, namely their odorless, long-lasting nature. The newest brand of hookah charcoals made from coconut husks is called SmoQuest, and they qualify to be the quaintest [...]

05 Mar

Week-Long Hookah Sale – Mya Petite & Mya Econo Gelato Hookahs for Cheap

Edit: This sale has come to a Close. Check back soon for more hookah & shisha savings! Who wants an inexpensive yet superior quality hookah? No need to form an orderly queue, you just need a few minutes on our website and a few days to wait for delivery to be the owner of one [...]