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24 Apr

2013 Blend Off: Create a Shisha Blend, and WIN!

Hookah Freak is holding their annual shisha blending contest starting May 1, and we’re proud to be a sponsor You create and name your own custom shisha blend using up to 5 of any HookaH-HookaH Long Cut Shisha flavors. After the contest has been closed to submissions (May 31), polls are created with the blend [...]

23 Apr

Khanjar Hookahs – New Mini Hookahs with Specialty Vortex Bowl

Khanjar Hookahs, named after the traditional curved dagger in Arabian countries, are the newest mini hookahs in our store that are easy on the wallet but creates room-filling clouds. At only 12 inches tall these little guys can compete with hookahs thrice their size in terms of quality and smoke production. Not only do they [...]

12 Apr

13th Birthday Sale Part 2 – 20% Off ALL Shisha Tobacco & More!

Edit 4/23 – Our Birthday Sale has come to a close, but you can still use coupon code HS13OFF to take 13% off all non-sale items in our store! This coupon code will expire on April 29th at Midnight! Happy Smoking!   Howdy Hookah Friends, and Happy Birthday to us! Today, Tuesday April 16th, is [...]

11 Apr

Portable Hookahs

Here’s a little known fact: the hookah used to be considered a woman’s device since it was a non-portable item that stayed in the home and was perfect for entertaining. Men were more likely to smoke cigarettes because they were more frequently ‘on-the-go’ doing manly things like…bank heists and strongman competitions. I don’t know what [...]

08 Apr

Sultan Asfahini Tombac – The Original Food for your Hookah Now Available

  We’ve all done it – perhaps while swiping away on our smart phones we’ve wondered “How did I ever live without one?” Perhaps a couple of seconds’ research on the internet answers a question that’s been on your mind for ages and mused “I don’t know what I did before I could Google things”. How [...]

03 Apr

Lavoo Hookahs – Introducing the Lavoo MP1X Hookah

How’s THIS for a hookah? What you’re looking at the Hookah Lover’s wet dream, the Lavoo MP1X Hookah, quite possibly the coolest looking hookah we have in our store. If anything could be called the Mercedes of hookahs, this would be it. Modernity, innovation, & world-class design come together to make this paragon of hookah perfection. Like [...]

03 Apr

Sticker Design Contest

Hookah-Shisha.com is turning 13, and we want you to help us celebrate by creating our new sticker design! EDIT: We have selected our winners! Scroll down to find out what new, awesome sticker designs you can look for in your next order. We made it! We’re teenagers! While we would love to have a pizza [...]

01 Apr

Savory Gravy Hookah Tobacco – Our Newest Line of Shisha Tobacco

Howdy Hookah Friends, We’re very excited to introduce a new line of shisha tobacco that we have spent over a year carefully testing and refining to bring you the juiciest, most flavorful, and thickest cloud producing shisha ever experienced.As mush as we love traditional fruit flavors, we wanted to make a shisha tobacco that tasted [...]