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30 Aug

New Khalil Mamoon Hookahs – Yellow Single Pear Short and Alomdah Ice

Our second round of new Khalil Mamoon hookahs is here and we are itching to share these beauties with the world. First up is the brand new KM Alomdah Ice hookah. The Alomdah has a beefy silver stem with the Khalil Mamoon name and logo boldly displayed in raised text. The KM Yellow Single Pear [...]

23 Aug

New Khalil Mamoon Hookahs – Zoharia Ice and Fidelio

We’re rolling out a whole slew of new Khalil Mamoon hookah pipes this summer and the first two models are online and ready to roll!  First up are the KM Zoharia Ice hookah and the KM Fidelio hookah.  Each of these models is available with a variety of base options so you can customize the [...]

22 Aug

Nammor Hookah Hose – A Comprehensive Guide

Nammor hookah hoses are known throughout the world of hookah as your best choice when reaching for a hookah hose. The Nammor hose started the washable hookah hose revolution by being the first to remove all degradable parts from the interior of the hose and replace them with water impervious plastics. This allowed for a [...]

16 Aug

New Nammor Hookah Models – Now Available!

We are happy to announce that Nammor has introduced 5 brand new hookahs into the Nammor hookah family. Not only do you have 5 new options of hookah stems, but you can flex your aesthetic desires by choosing your own glass base design and style. *                   [...]

14 Aug

Golden Double Apple – New Fantasia Shisha Flavor!

Fantasia Golden Double Apple is one of the newest flavors in Fantasia’s hard-hitting shisha arsenal. While this flavor is new for Fantasia, it’s a spin on one of the oldest OG flavors of shisha tobacco around. Double Apple is a sweet anise flavor that can most closely be related to black licorice. This double apple [...]

12 Aug

Back To School Sale at Hookah-Shisha

This Sale has ended, but you can see our active discounts and hookah coupon codes on our hookah discount code page.   Our annual Back to School sale has begun!  Expect lots of great deals over the next few weeks as we present to you the best products in the world of hookah at the [...]

07 Aug

Starbuzz Bold Margarita Freeze – NEW Flavor!

Starbuzz Bold Margarita Freeze is one of their newest flavors, and it does not disappoint! Starbuzz knows that you can’t have a margarita unless it’s bone-chilling, teeth-chattering, brain-freezing cold. So, they took the classic lemon-lime flavor of a margarita, the light undertones of blue agave, and topped it all off with a tongue-tingling taste of cooling [...]

05 Aug

Mya Saray Econo QT Hookah Video Review

The Mya Econo QT Hookah is one of the most affordable, convenient, easy to use hookahs around. Measuring 12 inches tall, and packaged inside a wire carrying basket, this hookah is fantastic to use as a travel hookah, or even a your very first hookah. Available in 7 various colors, you’re sure to have endless great [...]

05 Aug

Mya Saray Hookah Sale – August 5th-12th

Mya Saray makes some of the best looking, best smoking, and most durable modern hookah pipe designs in the world today and we’re giving all of you a chance to own your own for an unbeatable price.  For this week only we are marking down EVERY Mya Saray hookah in our shop by at least [...]

02 Aug

Starbuzz Green Savior – NEW Flavor!

Starbuzz Bold Green Savior is one of their newest flavors, and definitely one of the most original! Taking a puff of this shisha is like burying your head in a bouquet of flowers in a room filled with incense. The herbal intensity is soothed with smooth spearmint undertones, and an overall aroma that will leave [...]