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30 Oct

Introducing Starbuzz eJuice for eHookahs and Rechargeable eCigs!

  Hold onto your butts, because worlds are colliding. Starbuzz Tobacco is the one of the world’s premiere purveyors of delicious shisha flavors. Not too long ago, this fabulously famous brand introduced the Starbuzz Hookah Pen. These electronic, disposable hookahs come in 9 popular Starbuzz flavors and took the eCig world by storm! Starbuzz isn’t [...]

24 Oct

8 Great Upgraded Nammor Hookahs

Nammor is one of the big names in the world of hookah, known for unique designs, excellent build quality, and affordability.  This week we have taken 8 of our most popular models and upgraded them to create the ultimate Nammor experience.  Buy one of these 8 upgraded hookahs this week and we will include, at [...]

10 Oct

Best Glass Hookahs – An All Glass Hookah Roundup

Glass Hookah Pipes are a relatively new addition to the world of hookah but they are quickly gathering steam based on their unique designs, impressive performance, and exceptional quality. We carry four brands of all glass hookahs – Evolution, Round Glass, Lavoo and Roi. All four offer outstanding hookahs that are visually stunning and smoke [...]

07 Oct

Hookah Upgrade Sale – All Hoses, Bowls, Bases and Smoke Enhancers On Sale

Here at Hookah-Shisha we believe that nearly any hookah can be a towering titan of smoke production with the addition of the right set of upgrades.  Does every bowl you smoke taste like mint?  You probably have old ghosted flavors haunting your hose!  Upgrade to a washable Nammor hose and banish those ghosts!  Do you [...]

03 Oct

3 New Lavoo Glass Hookahs

Lavoo makes some of the world’s finest all glass hookah pipes.  Hand blown laboratory grade glass is twisted and shaped into beautiful pieces of functional art.  Not only do these glass on glass hookahs look amazing, they outperform almost all other brands of hookahs.  Expect giant shisha storm clouds and some of the cleanest, purest [...]

01 Oct

Khalil Mamoon Hookah Sale!

ALL Khalil Mamoon Hookahs are On Sale for 15% – 34% off! Get a fantastic Khalil Mamoon Hookah for 15% off all week long! If you’re looking for an even better deal, these two KM hookahs come with upgrades and you get it all for 34% off! Sale ends October 7, 2013. Khalil Mamoon Shamadan [...]

01 Oct

Hookah Halloween Costume Contest

Check out previous Hookah-Shisha Facebook Halloween Costume Contestants, and learn how to enter for 2013! 1) Take a picture of you and/or your friends smoking hookah while in costume. You can submit as many as you’d like. 2) Submit photos to hookahlove (@) hookah-shisha.com. In the subject line please write HALLOWEEN CONTEST 2013. Only photos [...]

01 Oct

How To Carve a Pumpkin Hookah

Want to impress your friends on Halloween with your sweet hookah techniques? Raise the bar this year by actually making a festive gourd hookah base (and bowl!). How To Make A Pumpkin Hookah Base 1) Pick your pumpkin, and cut the top off about three inches away from the stem. 2) Scrape out the seeds [...]