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31 Dec

Troubleshooting eGo-T (and similar rechargeable) eCig Battery Issues

One of our frequent customer issues regarding the eGo-T Electronic Cigarette (and most of our similarly styled refillable, rechargeable eCigarette models) is: “My battery is broken!” Sometimes the battery may appear to be broken (meaning the e-cig won’t turn on) when it just needs a bit of troubleshooting. This video is a great place to [...]

31 Dec

NEW Mya Beveled Bowl – Secure Your Foil

Mya is widely regarded for their high-quality hookahs and accessories that provide great performance and style. They’ve done it again with the Mya Beveled Hookah Bowl; a cool new shisha bowl design that keeps your foil firmly in place while giving you amazing smoke quality. The Mya Beveled Bowl is easy to use: the foil [...]

23 Dec

Shisha Super Pack Sale – Stock Up And Save

In life it is best to be prepared.  For the hookah smoker that means making sure that you have plenty of your favorite shisha flavors and a hefty pile of hookah charcoal.  This week we are going to help you prepare for the long winter with a huge sale on all of our Shisha Super [...]

19 Dec

Coupon Codes For Free Hookah Products

How to Get Your Free Fantasia Ice Mint Sample For a limited time we’re offering you a coupon code that’s good for a free 50g box of Fantasia Ice Mint shisha. All you have to do is type in the discount code at checkout and you’ll get a free sample of one of our most popular Fantasia [...]

19 Dec

Fantasia White Lotus – A Treat For Your Taste Buds

You probably know the White Lotus as the national flower of Egypt; but now you’ll also know it as a terrific new flavor from Fantasia shisha tobacco! The ancient Egyptians used the white lotus both for decoration and as a source of strength, and it’s easy to understand why when you smoke this delicious shisha [...]

19 Dec

Starbuzz Bold Peach Mist – It’s a Peach!

Starbuzz Bold shisha is known for its powerful flavors and extra thick clouds, and now Starbuzz Tobacco brings you the newest addition to its Bold lineup! Peach Mist shisha tobacco is full of juicy peach flavor that explodes onto your taste buds with every puff. It’s a magical peach wonderland inside your hookah bowl, and [...]

18 Dec

Starbuzz French Orange Is Here

Introducing a fantastic new vanilla-citrus shisha – Starbuzz Bold French Orange No, you’re not dreaming – the new Starbuzz Bold French Orange shisha really is that good. The newest Bold flavor from Starbuzz Tobacco is already making delicious waves around our office with a delightful orange sherbet taste that mixes in hints of vanilla and [...]

18 Dec

Starbuzz Bold Black Peach Mist – NEW Shisha Flavor Review

Starbuzz shisha has one of the most extensive flavor lists around, and they just keeps adding more! Black Peach Mist tastes like a blackberry muddled with a big, plump, ripe peach. They took a gentle mint leaf and sprinkled it on top of the whole thing. It’s a light, refreshing flavor that is a safe [...]

17 Dec

12 Days of Hookah Holiday Sale!

Sale ends December 25, 2013 Regardless of what holiday you celebrate, everyone likes a good sale. We’ll be rolling out a new discounted hookah every day for the 12 days, by the end of the sale, there will be twelve awesome hookahs to choose from. You can get all deals, regardless of their designated ‘day’, [...]

16 Dec

Mya Saray Hookah Sale – Save 15% – 25%

Buy Discounted Mya Hookahs Online for 1 Week Only! Mya Saray is known for their flawless hookahs that are easy to use, produce thick clouds of smoke and have beautiful designs.  Mya hookahs have the best mulit-hose (2 hose, 3 hose, and 4 hose) hookahs in the business, because they have an amazing “auto-seal” system [...]