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28 Feb

New Lavoo Junior Models – MP1 and MP1X

Lavoo MP1X- JR – 19″ base – 16.5″ stand (available in gold or black) – Built-in glass tray – Glass bowl and downstem – 72″ washable hookah hose – Glass on glass connections; no rubber grommets Lavoo MP1 – JR – 13″ inches tall – Built-in glass tray – Glass bowl and downstem – 72″ [...]

28 Feb

My Vortex Bowl Makes My Kaloud Lotus Wobble

 A Quick DIY Fix The new generation of Vortex Bowls are a sleek product that produce a wonderful smoke. Unfortunately, some of them have a slight fault in their design that causes an incompatibility with the Kaloud Lotus Heat Management System. The Vortex’s center spire can be slightly higher than the outer rim, causing the [...]

21 Feb

Ultimate Hookah Resource Guide: Perfecting The Art Of Hookah

Welcome hookah smokers! We hope that this Ultimate Hookah Resource Guide will help you perfect the art of hookah smoking. Our goal is for every bowl you smoke from now on to be the best one yet. If you follow the tips found in these guides we are confident that you will become an expert [...]

21 Feb

Tangiers Phunnel Bowl – Now Available

We’re excited to announce that we now carry authentic Tangiers Phunnel hookah bowls. These handmade ceramic bowls have an excellent design that features a raised spire in the center – which means no more shisha dripping down into your stem, and less hassle for you. Tangiers Phunnel bowls come in a variety of spiffy colors [...]

20 Feb

Best Hookah Upgrades: Hookah Accesories That Are Worth It

At it’s most basic level, to successfully smoke hookah you only need a few things. You need a hookah itself, you need some sort of vessel for the shisha and coal (a bowl), and you need a way to get the vapor out of your hookah (a hose). Beyond that, everything else is just a [...]

19 Feb

How Much Water Should I Add To My Hookah Base?

In order to have the best smoke each time you set up your hookah it is very important that you put just the right amount of water in your hookah base. Too much water and you will find it difficult to draw on the hookah. You also run the risk of getting water into your [...]

19 Feb

Best Hookah Coals – Guide To Natural Hookah Charcoal

Hookah Coals are an often overlooked aspect of hookah smoking. All they do is heat up the shisha, right? What difference could your choice of coals possibly make? The truth of the matter is, aside from the type/flavor of shisha you are smoking and ensuring that your hookah is properly sealed and set up, the [...]

18 Feb

How to Smoke Shisha Alternatives – Beamer Hookah Ice Drops and Steam Stones

  Smoke Hookah Without The Tobacco Smoking hookah no longer has to mean smoking shisha tobacco. With alternatives like Beamer Hookah Ice Gel Drops and Shiazo Steam Stones (among other shisha steam stone brands) you can have the same flavors, clouds, and smoking experience – sans-tobacco. These products essentially use the same flavoring and glycerin [...]

17 Feb

Turkish Combo Bowl With Coal Carrier Lid

  Egyptian Shisha Bowl With Metal Coal Holder The Turkish Combo Bowl is actually two products in one. The bowl is an unglazed Egyptian shisha bowl, which holds approximately 25g of tobacco. The second item is a metal bowl cover that acts as foil, windcover, and a heat management system! Comes complete with a Mod [...]

14 Feb

Two New Natural Hookah Charcoal Brands

If you aren’t using natural hookah charcoal by now, what are you waiting for?  Natural hookah coals add little to no flavor to your shisha, burn at a consistent temperature which is perfect for hookah, and are environmentally friendly due to their use of recycled materials.  This week we are unveiling two new brands of [...]