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31 Mar

How Much Nicotine Is In Shisha Tobacco?

How Much Nicotine Is In Shisha Tobacco? We regularly get the question: so just how much nicotine is in each bowl of shisha? That question is both complicated, yet simple. Most shisha contains approximately .05% nicotine. If it says .5%, that is probably a typo. Nakhla shisha is the only brand that boast .5% nicotine, [...]

28 Mar

Hookah Hacks – Quick Fixes and Improvements For Your Hookah

If you pay attention to the world of the Internet at all, then you have likely heard of something called a life hack.  A life hack is a quick and simple trick that can make your life easier.  This got us thinking – what are some useful hookah hacks that can quickly and easily improve [...]

27 Mar

Romancing The Smoke Table Of Contents

Each of the titles below holds a helpful article for hookah lovers of all levels. These back-to-basics learning experiences from a first time hookah smoker are great to brush up on, or to send to a friend if they have questions about how to hookah. Everybody has to start somewhere! Happy smoking!

26 Mar

Hookah Tips and Tricks

Hookah Tips & Tricks Bowl loading, helpful videos, cool tricks – peruse these guides to learn all sorts of neat hookah tricks that you may have overlooked.   How to Make Your Hookah Last Longer Learn how to get the most out of every smoking session.   Best Instructional, Product, and Review Videos We herded [...]

26 Mar

Hookah History

The History of the Hookah Pipe Hookah pipes, like many traditional curios shared amongst different cultures, are devices with many names. In the West, the name “hookah” is generally accepted as the term for the water pipe while the word “shisha” is applied to the flavored tobacco one would smoke out of it. In the [...]

26 Mar

How to Set Up a Hookah

Hookah Set Up Guide Fill the base of the hookah with water. Make sure you don’t fill it with too much water. For more detailed instructions, check out our How Much Water Should I Add to My Hookah Base? guide, which leads us to step two.   Place the hookah shaft over and into the [...]

26 Mar

Hookah Buying Guides

Hookah Guides and Hookah Recommendations Whether you’re a newbie or an expert, these guides will help you pick out your new favorite hookah. Staff picks, the best value hookahs, purchasing your first hookah – you’ll find it all here. Guide to Buying a New Hookah Start here for an all-encompassing guide to your first hookah [...]

26 Mar

Shisha Buying Guides

The Guide to Hookah & Shisha Tobacco Brands and Flavors Sure, we carry a huge selection of delicious shisha flavors, but what do all those flavor names mean? And which ones are the best? These handy guides will help you navigate the wide world of shisha. The Complete Starbuzz Flavor Guide Find out what all [...]

26 Mar

Hookah Accessories Guides

Hookah Accessories Guides Hoses, bowls, coals, all and sundry, et cetera – these are the things that take your hookah session from good to great; and these are the guides that will help you find those things.   Best Hookah Upgrades Guide Check out a few awesome accessories that will take your hookah session to [...]

26 Mar

Getting Started – How to Set Up a Hookah

Getting Started – How to Set Up a Hookah You’ve just bought your first hookah and you’re full of questions. Don’t worry, we know exactly how you feel, and that’s why we put together these helpful guides to getting started on your new hookah journey. Hookah Anatomy & Glossary Learn hookah vocabulary, parts, and more. [...]