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29 Apr

Tangiers Shisha Guide – 5 Different Lines Explained

Tangiers Shisha Tobacco is the go-to brand for hookah enthusiasts around the world. Known for their meticulous attention to detail, Tangiers produces all batches by hand using the world’s best tobacco as well as the finest natural flavorings. This leads to a rich and vibrant smoking experience for the true hookah aficionado. Getting into smoking [...]

29 Apr

Starbuzz Enterprise Shaft Review

Starbuzz has been hard at work in the hookah lab for the past few years working on a special project which is now available to all hookah smokers. The brand new Starbuzz American-Made Hookah Stem line is the result of all of that hard work, and we think that these beautiful hookah shafts from Starbuzz [...]

29 Apr

Starbuzz Challenger Shaft Review

Starbuzz has just released their new line of Made In The USA hookah stems including the impressive Starbuzz Challenger stem. With their new American made hookah stems, Starbuzz has truly moved the hookah into the 21st century. The Starbuzz Challenger hookah stem features a shaft which is made of space-grade aluminum so you know that [...]

29 Apr

Hookafina BLAK Leaf Shisha Tobacco

Hookafina Shisha Tobacco is a trusted shisha brand amongst hookah lovers, famous for their unique flavors and a mellow smoke. Looking to enter into the world of bold shisha with a strong tobacco buzz, Hookahfina has introduced a new line of shisha tobacco: Hookafina Blak. This shisha skillfully blends traditional shisha preparation methods with contemporary [...]

28 Apr

Hookah Wind Covers – Longer Lasting Bowls With Less Coals

If you want to smoke longer lasting bowls that burn less coal there is one simple hookah accessory that you need to add to your setup – a hookah windcover or heat management system. When you work a windcover into your setup, you are ensuring maximum efficiency while smoking which will lead to some of [...]

23 Apr

Birthday Hangover Sale – 14% Off All Hookahs and Hookah Accessories!

For 14% off, use code: HS14OFF Alas, another birthday has passed. We’ve blown out the candles, and thrown out the crusty cake, but we’re not done celebrating, goshdarnit! From now until April 28, we want to give you 14% off all non-sale items when you use the code HS14OFF.

17 Apr

Fantasia Vapor Stones – Nicotine Free Shisha Tobacco Alternative

  Smoke Hookah, With No Tobacco and No Nicotine! What is this magical substance? Is it a dream? A fantasy? No! It’s Fantasia, silly! Fantasia Shisha Brand has some of the most sought after shisha tobacco flavors in the hookah world, but what about the fine folks who don’t want any tobacco or nicotine? Never [...]

16 Apr

Glass Hookah Bowls – A Comparative Look

Glass Mod Hookah Bowl One of the benefits of a glass shisha bowl is the ability to create unique, beautiful, and entrancing designs. The Glass Mod Hookah Bowl is available in three different styles of standard egyptian shisha bowl, as well as four different styles of phunnel shisha bowl. Pyrex Vortex Hookah Bowl The Pyrex [...]

15 Apr

Pharaoh’s Brand Hookahs – New Shisha Pipes With Classic Hookah Design

Pharaoh’s Hookahs are a gorgeous combination of a modern, sleek hookah design, coupled with quality craftsmanship. These hookahs produce huge, thick clouds of full flavored shisha smoke, and they come in a variety of models and colors. With four Pharaoh’s Hookah models to choose from, all of these models come in an array of colors [...]

14 Apr

14th Birthday Sale – 20% Off All Shisha, Huge Hookah Markdowns, & More

Our 14th Birthday Sale has officially come to a close.  Thanks so much for a great 14 years! You can still use the code HS14OFF to get 14% off all non-sale items through April 28! See our coupon code page for all of our great daily hookah and shisha specials. Howdy, Hookah friends! It’s that [...]