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30 May

What’s the best way to clean a Medwakh pipe?

If you’ve been smoking Dokha Shisha consistently for any longer than, say, 24 hours; you’ve undoubtedly noticed that your Medwakh Pipe gets clogged remarkably quickly.  If you are planning on smoking dokha (or “dokhin” as we call it in the office), you will need to learn how to clean your Medwakh thoroughly, and often.   [...]

30 May

Best Shisha Brands For Thick Smoke Clouds

Best Shisha Tobacco For Thick Hookah Smoke It’s not enough to just smoke hookah, sometimes you really want to SMOKE hookah. By that, I mean you want to see the biggest, thickest smoke clouds possible. While much of your smoke cloud density will have to do with your setup and heat management, the shisha that [...]

29 May

How To Clean a Non-Washable Hookah Hose?

Contrary to popular belief, not all the hoses we sell on Hookah-Shisha.com are considered “washable” hoses. Unless you purchase a hose that explicitly says ‘washable’, you can be pretty sure that it is ‘non-washable’. This means that there’s an exposed metal coil on the interior of your hose – which is perfectly safe, but if [...]

29 May

How To Get Huge Clouds From Your Hookah

What Causes Big Hookah Clouds? In this blog post we are going to share some science and some tips for getting the biggest clouds when you smoke hookah. We’re going to break this down in a few sections. First we’ll take a look at what shisha ingredients cause clouds. Next we will look at proper [...]

28 May

Haze Hookah Tobacco – Which Haze Shisha Flavor Is Best For You?

Haze Shisha Tobacco has arrived, offering up delicious flavor that is not overbearing, good clouds, and a healthy amount of buzz. Haze tobacco is lovingly crafted in Stafford, TX, so you know it’s fresh when we get it because it’s coming from right down the road. The unique Haze N Stack can allows you to [...]

28 May

The Ultimate Fumari Flavor Guide

  Fumari Shisha Tobacco is one of the greatest untapped brands of shisha that we carry. With delicious flavors, quirky names and a wide variety of unique flavors — Fumari closely rivals world-renown shisha powerhouses like Starbuzz Shisha and Fantasia Shisha. Similar to other popular shisha brands, Fumari also has some ambiguous flavor names that [...]

28 May

What’s So Great About Natural Hookah Charcoal?

Considering making the switch from quick lighting coals over to natural hookah coals, but don’t want to take an uneducated risk? Let us tell you why your hunch to switch from quick lights to natural coals is spot on. What’s so great about natural hookah coals? Most natural charcoals are made from coconut husk, although [...]

27 May

What is Dokha Tobacco?

  Currently, we carry two different brands of dokha tobacco on our website: Traditional Dokha and Nirvana Dokha. Each brand has its own unique flavors and levels of strength. If you are a noob to the world of Dokha, you’re going to want to purchase a Medwakh pipe from which to smoke. This tobacco is [...]

27 May

Starbuzz Code Vape e Hookah How-To Guide

The Starbuzz Code Vape is a relatively simple design. It has incorporated the eGo-T style battery, which is particularly convenient for those who aren’t into the mechanical mod side of vaping and are just looking for something simple and easy to use. With that said, although it is a variable voltage 650 mah battery, it [...]

22 May

The Best Values In Hookah: Cheap Hookahs, Shisha, Hookah Pens, & Accessories

Welcome to the Hookah-Shisha.com guide to the best values in hookah. This post is for the hookah lovers out there on a budget. Compared to a night out on the town, setting up your hookah and smoking with your friends can be a great way to save some bucks and still have a fantastic time. [...]