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29 Aug

Top 5 Haze Shisha Tobacco Flavors

Haze Shisha – Best of the Best Haze tobacco is a great shisha company that uses Virginia Tobacco in their shisha. Haze tobacco is produced in Texas and has a similar cut to Starbuzz. Their flavors are available in 100g and 250g tins. A nice extra added plus, is that the Haze cans are stackable, [...]

29 Aug

How To Clean A Glass Hookah

All-glass hookahs have grown increasingly popular over the last year or so, especially in our store! We now carry Roi Glass Hookahs, Evolution Glass Hookahs, Lavoo Glass Hookahs, Round Glass Hookahs, and Art Glass Hookahs. One thing we have noticed is that they can be a bit tricky to clean! Don’t worry, with the proper [...]

27 Aug

How To Apply a Coupon Code

Applying a coupon code is super easy! It is done during the checkout process, but there are a couple things to note when applying a code. First, we will go over how the code is applied. During the checkout process, after you have selected your shipping method, you will be taken to the “Summary” page [...]

22 Aug

Best Hookahs for $200 and under

  What is the Best, Most Affordable Hookah? This is probably the most common question that our customers ask our customer service team. There is no one right or wrong answer to this question, but we can definitely recommend our favorite hookahs priced under $200! Mya Obelisk The Mya Obelisk is hands down one of [...]

22 Aug

The Best Fumari Shisha Flavor Mixes

Fumari Shisha Tobacco is a cult classic in terms of delicious, robust shisha tobacco flavors. Their shisha is so juicy that you almost can’t help but to get massive clouds when smoking it. All of the Fumari flavors are terrific, and rarely do they disappoint by themselves. When mixed together, any combination of flavors become [...]

20 Aug

Best Shisha Inspired Hookah Pens and E-Liquids

Starbuzz and Fantasia are major players in the shisha tobacco market, so it’s no surprise that they are similarly dominating the world of e-hookahs, hookah pens, and e-liquid. If you’re a fan of these shisha flavors, then you might be wondering which hookah pen flavor best translates from shisha to vapor. We polled our employees [...]

19 Aug

New Starbuzz Hookah Shaft Breakdown – Enterprise, Atlantis, Challenger, and Discovery

Four Superior Hookah Stems From Starbuzz Starbuzz has released their own line of remarkable hookah stems. Available in four separate models, you have never seen anything like these American-made hookah shafts. The Starbuzz Enterprise, Starbuzz Challenger, Starbuzz Atlantis, and Starbuzz Discovery all stand 28 inches in height, and are made from space-grade aluminum (for the [...]

19 Aug

Czech Mate Glass Hookah Bases

Say hello to the exquisite new Czech Mate line of high-end glass bohemian hookah bases. These beauties are handmade in the Czech Republic and are truly a sight to behold. If you have seen a better looking piece of hookah glass, please let us know because we haven’t found them yet. Check out the photos [...]

19 Aug

What Are The Best Khalil Mamoon Hookahs?

  What is the Best Khalil Mamoon Hookah? One of the most common questions asked by people who are shopping for a new hookah is, “What Khalil Mamoon hookah is the best?” This is a valid question, as each Khalil Mamoon varies greatly in their individual aesthetics. The cool thing is that these hookahs are [...]

15 Aug

Back To School Photo Scavenger Hunt

It’s almost time for back to school! Whether that means you’re off to college, your kids are finally out of the house during the day, or you’re just praising the end of a hot summer, we wanted to celebrate! We are holding an Instagram photo scavenger hunt contest. How To Participate: 1) Take a photo of [...]