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26 Sep

Top 10 Hookah Fails

1. Tipping Over A Hookah The cardinal sin of all hookah smoking, and likely the world’s first hookah fail. Respect the hookah, respect the coal, respect that a hookah hose isn’t 30 feet long. 2. Knocking The Hookah Coals Off A Bowl A corollary to Fail #1, knocking the coals off of a bowl is [...]

24 Sep

Fantasia E-Bowl

Fantasia E-Bowl Information With all of these new electronic hookah bowls arriving on the market, there has certainly been a buzz in the air around here. If you have not tried an electronic bowl, you may be wondering what all the hype is about. After all, why use a real hookah if you are only [...]

23 Sep

Top 5 Non-Fruit Shisha Flavors

We all love fruit-flavored shisha, but let’s face it– sometimes the mood calls for something a little different. We asked our employees for their absolute favorite non-fruit shisha flavors, and then ran those entries through our high-tech Shisha Flavor Opinion Calculator™ to compile this list of our top 5 favorite flavors that have nothing to [...]

18 Sep

The Perfect Mya Hookah Collection

Are you a hookah collector? Many of our employees have extensive hookah collections. A few of the staff members at Hookah-Shisha are avid fans of Mya hookahs. This got us to thinking – what would be the perfect collection of Mya hookahs? We polled our employees and this is what we came up with! Best [...]

16 Sep

Starbuzz Bold White Chai Flavor Review

Starbuzz’s newest Bold flavor, White Chai, is here and we wanted to share a quick employee review with everyone. We were a bit surprised by this flavor. Upon opening the tin we got a strong peach smell. When we loaded a bowl and began smoking the peach was also the predominant flavor. It’s very similar [...]

16 Sep

Starbuzz Bold Mighty Freeze Flavor Review

Starbuzz has released two new Bold flavors this week. In this post we are going to give everyone a quick review of Starbuzz Bold Mighty Freeze. Even before you open the tin, you will be hit with a strong lemon scent. The scent is very accurate as once you begin to smoke you will get [...]

15 Sep

Employee Picks – Top 5 Al Fakher Shisha Tobacco Mixes

The following flavor mixes are our employee picks for our favorite or most creative Al Fakher mixtures. The mixes were created using exclusively Al Fakher flavors and quality tested in-house to ensure the most flavorful and pleasant smoke session imaginable. Al Fakher is the major league of traditional as well as fruity smoke, so these [...]

15 Sep

How To Pack A Bowl Of Haze Shisha

It is a common misconception that all shishas are created equal. Some are dry, some are juicy, and some are temperamental. Sometimes, a simple packing technique can completely change the smokeability of a shisha. For example, just like how Tangiers necessitates a special packing techinique, there is way to pack Haze tobacco that can really [...]

12 Sep

Top 5 Nammor Hookahs – Employee Picks

Nammor hookahs are a traditional Egyptian brand of hookah pipe. The best thing about these hookahs is that they come standard with Nammor Hookah Hoses, these are some of the finest, washable hookah hoses available. As for the hookahs, their wide hose ports, large bases and welded shafts contribute to one of the smokiest hookah [...]

10 Sep

Al Fakher Flavor Mix Contest

**Update #2** Our winner has been chosen. Congratulations to Danny for his winning mix – Honey Lemon Mint Ricola! Thanks everyone for participating, this was a lot of fun. Check out the comments section of this post for all of the entries and be sure to keep your eye on the Hookah Love Blog, as [...]