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31 Oct

Five Custom Hookahs You Can Build at Hookah-Shisha.com

Here at Hookah-Shisha.com, we have been selling hookahs online for over 10 years. We are now happy to announce that you can build out your own custom hookah on our website. Have you ever seen a hookah that you really liked, but you wished you could get a Vortex bowl with it instead of the [...]

30 Oct

Hookafina Blak Shisha Review – New Flavors Available!

Hookafina Blak is best described as Hookafina’s reaction to Tangiers. Created in a way that is classified as ‘black tobacco’, this line of shisha is made of simple ingredients, tobacco and molasses only, that are highly compressed and boast increased nicotine levels. The flavors are bold, the buzz is big, and clouds are monstrous! How [...]

29 Oct

Pink Hookahs and Pink Hookah Accessories

A Pink Hookah For Everyone! We get daily requests for pink hookahs, and we’re happy to tell you that we’ve got quite a selection! Here is a list of our favorite pink hookahs, as well as some sweet upgrades you can add to your hookah to pink it out! Pick Your Perfect Pink Hookah Pink [...]

24 Oct

Hookah Coal Burner Pros and Cons

Hookah Coal Starters – The Good and the Bad If you are using natural coals and you don’t have a hookah coal burner – you’re gonna have a bad time. We currently offer 3 hookah coal burners on our website. Each one has its own upsides and downsides. We are here to help make your [...]

24 Oct

Hookah Spookah! Part 7: Hookah and Shisha Recommendations From Michael Myers

  When I’m not trying to murder my sister on Halloween night, I’m actually a pretty chill guy. Every set of siblings has that sibling rivalry, but mine has just been blown out of proportion because of all those documentary movies that were made about me. Most of the time I just like to keep [...]

24 Oct

The Biggest Hookah Frustations & How To Solve Them

Smoking hookah is a beautiful and relaxing pastime when done correctly, but there are a number of things that can turn your lovely hobby into a frustrating mess in no time flat. In this post we’re going to go over some of the most common frustrations that can come with hookah smoking, along with how [...]

23 Oct

Lotus iPhone Vape Case With Nautilus Vape Clearomizer

The Lotus Vape Case for iPhone 5/5s allows you to turn your iPhone into your personal vaporizer! Just pop your phone into the slim, durable case, attatch a clearomizer with your favorite e-juice, and you’re ready to multi-task.   This iPhone Vape Case features a powerful 2000mAh battery which kicks out a smooth 3.7V of [...]

22 Oct

Inhale AK-47 Hookah

New AK47 “Gun” Hookah Lock n’ Load! It’s about time to get fired up. We have a new hookah that we are unveiling to our faithful Hookahlove blog followers: The Inhale AK-47 Hookah!   This masterpiece of a hookah almost perfectly resembles an actual AK-47, so you’ll want to set your sights on this one. [...]

17 Oct

Late Night Hookah Fails

We’ve all been there before. It’s late, perhaps you’ve just returned home from a night out with friends, and you decide that you absolutely have to load up the hookah and have a smoke before bed. But beware, for this is a treacherous path you have chosen. If you’re not careful you might end up [...]

17 Oct

How To Build A Custom Hookah

In the past, Hookah-Shisha.com was your one stop hookah shop. Nothing has changed, but we want to continue to expand and provide you with your ideal hookah, even if we don’t have the exact pipe that you want. Now you can build your very own hookah! We start with the stems, and you choose what [...]