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31 Dec

2015 New Years Hookah Resolutions

2014 has been a great year for hookah but 2015 can be your best hookah year yet by following these five simple New Years Hookah Resolutions. Take the pledge with us and ensure that this new year brings nothing but tasty bowls, puffy white clouds, and relaxing good times with friends all around! 1) In [...]

31 Dec

Kaloud Samsaris Silicon Bowl Review

  A Hookah Bowl Made Just For Your Kaloud Lotus The Kaloud Samsaris Silicon Hookah Bowl is the first shisha bowl that is specifically designed for your Kaloud Lotus. Of course, it can still but used with foil, but the bowl diameter and recessed lip allow your Lotus to snugly fit right inside the bowl, [...]

24 Dec

Suicide Bunny eJuice

Are You Hardcore? Vape Suicide Bunny! Don’t be nervous! There are no evil bunnies hopping around this eJuice. Suicide Bunny Juice is unique in that it has a higher rating of vegetable glycerin over proplyne glycol – creating a thicker juice that has a more natural content, and the thicker juice helps facilitate huge, puffy clouds. [...]

19 Dec

Space Jam eJuice

Blast Off With Space Jam eLiquid For Your Vape Good news! We’ve been chanting the X-Files mantra “I want to believe” for so long, that it has actually worked! This extra-terrestrial inspired vape liquid, known on its home planet as Space Jam Juice, has brought its delicious flavors to us lowly earthlings.With flavors ranging from [...]

17 Dec

Glass Hookah Bowl Breakdown

Anyone who has smoked out of a glass hookah knows that there is no purer, cleaner way to smoke shisha tobacco and other shisha products. However, there are drawbacks to glass hookahs, too, like high cost and delicate hardware. A glass hookah bowl is a great way to get pure flavor out of any hookah [...]

12 Dec

Best Vape Products of 2014

  We love hookah! But let’s be honest, vaping is the way of the future. Ain’t nothing wrong with a little e-hookah between real hookah sessions. These are our favorite eCig products of the year, and a great place to get started if you’re ready to give vaping a try! Aspire Atlantis Sub-Ohm Clearomizer – [...]

09 Dec

Best New Hookah Products of 2014

Best New Hookah Accessories of 2014 Pharaoh’s Diffuser – Using a diffuser with your hookah will immediately change your smoking experience for the better in a couple of different ways. The first thing you will notice is that with a diffuser in place, your hookah will become much more quiet. If you like smoking while [...]

08 Dec

Holiday Shipping Schedule 2014

Howdy Hookah Friends!  We want to make sure that all of your holiday packages make it to you in time for Christmas.  Here is a helpful list of cutoff dates to order by if you want to make sure that your package reaches it’s intended recipient before a certain Kris Kringle makes his way down [...]