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30 Jan

Hookah Freebies & Discount Codes

Everyone loves a good deal, right? We definitely think so, and here at Hookah-Shisha.com we are determined to give you the best hookah deals and coupons in the world.  Check back often for new codes. Enjoy! New Coupon Codes Code #1 Free Heba Diffuser Combo Pack (Includes both large & small sizes) Use Coupon Code: FreeHeba [...]

30 Jan

Free Hookah Pen & E-Juice Samples

If you are the type of person who likes to try before they buy, then this is the deal for you. We are offering free samples of a handful of hookah pens and e juice flavors. Just use the codes below at checkout and the item you picked will be added to your cart automatically [...]

27 Jan

Fantasia Celebrity Shisha Flavors

Fantasia has just released their new line of celebrity flavors and Hookah-Shisha.com is the place to find all 6 of them. These collaborative flavors join Fantasia’s excellent shisha recipes with stars from a variety of industries to create 6 awesome new flavors which should be tried by all hookah smokers. We have these new flavors [...]

26 Jan

The Future Of Hookah

The art of hookah has been around for centuries and over those centuries the art form has slowly evolved. At some point someone looked at a pipe made from wood and said, maybe this would last longer if it were made of brass? At some point someone made the first glass base, someone added flavoring [...]

19 Jan

Fumari Swag Bag: A Limited-Time Bag O’ Goodies

Uh-oh. Looks like we’ve ended up with a ton of Fumari Shisha swag. What ever will we do will all of this awesome stuff? Well, if you’re thinking “give it to us please and thank you,” you’re in luck. We’re giving away free Fumari gift bags until we run out! Just use the code FumariSwag [...]

19 Jan

Hookah Secrets: Simple Tip For Great Smoking Bowls

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before. You go to your favorite hookah bar or lounge and order up a favorite flavor. A server brings over your hookah, adds the coals, and you and your friends begin to smoke an awesome bowl that tastes great from beginning to end and the clouds are insane. [...]

15 Jan

How Do I Replace The Clearomizer for My Mech Mod or E-Cig?

Getting started vaping couldn’t be easier: just buy a starter kit, charge it, and fill it with your favorite liquid. But as we all know, there is often trouble in paradise. When things aren’t working correctly (or not at all) there are many possible culprits, but for now we are going to concentrate on your [...]

14 Jan

Free Hookah-Shisha Koozies

You can get a free Hookah-Shisha koozie on your next order by using the coupon code FreeKoozie at checkout. Don’t let your beverage of choice leave your hand cold and wet anymore! Slide that can into a stylish and insulated koozie and keep your hands warm and your beverage cold while showing all of your [...]

13 Jan

Why Choose a 3-Hose Hookah?

Sure, a single-hose hookah is great. Portable, easy to use, perfect for one person. A two-hose hookah? Fantastic. Now you can easily add another person (or people) to your hookah session without having to pass around a single hose. But a three-hose hookah? Why on Earth would you need so many hoses? And what happens [...]

12 Jan

How To Survive A Hookah-Pocalypse

Have you ever found yourself wanting to smoke hookah but you didn’t have the supplies necessary to make it happen? Perhaps you’ve got coals and a hookah, but no shisha. Or you’ve got everything set up and ready to go but then reach your hand into an empty box of charcoal and your night is [...]