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20 Feb

How To Make Your Shisha Last Longer

Waste not, want not. The exact source of this famous idiom is unclear, but the meaning of the phrase should ring true with many hookah smokers. If you use your hookah supplies, shisha in this specific case, wisely, then you won’t run out as often and will be able to smoke a tasty bowl of [...]

19 Feb

Free Starbuzz Coffee Mugs

Want to get a free Starbuzz coffee mug with your next order? All you need to do is use the coupon code below at checkout and the mug will automatically be added to your cart, free of charge. These awesome mugs are ceramic and feature the Starbuzz logo on one side and the phrase “I [...]

16 Feb

Free Hydro E-Liquid Samples

Hydro has graciously provided us with a sampling of their excellent E-Liquid flavors to send out to our fine, fine customers free of charge. If you have never tried any of Hydro’s 20 excellent e-liquid flavors then this is just the offer for you. Each sample will consist of a 15ml bottle of a randomly [...]

12 Feb

3 New Social Smoke Flavors – Cali Peach, Artic Lemon, & Golden Delicious Apple

The three newest flavors from Social Smoke have arrived! We’ve got Arctic Lemon, Golden Delicious Apple, and Cali Peach in 100g, 250g, and 1000g sizes. Read on for some brief first impressions of these three awesome new hookah flavors. Arctic Lemon Arctic Lemon is a great minty lemon flavor. Social Smoke is known mostly for [...]