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28 Mar

Spring Shisha Mixes (Tangiers, Starbuzz, Fumari, & Haze)

Spring is finally here! The snow is melting, the temperatures are creeping up, and we’re itching to smoke some awesome Spring shisha mixes! We’ve asked our resident shisha mix guru Shaunn to come up with some of his favorite go-to Spring mixes for you to try out. Check out the mixes below, and click the [...]

24 Mar

Nirvana Super Shisha – The Buzz Is Back

Attention all Buzz chasers, we have something new that is guaranteed to knock your socks off. We are all familiar with the term shisha, but did you know there is a level beyond regular shisha? Most of the tobacco available for hookah smokers contain small levels of nicotine which can sometimes create a small ‘buzz’ [...]

20 Mar

How To Get The Best Flavor From Your Hookah

Do you ever have sub-par hookah sessions where you don’t get much flavor from your shisha? Or perhaps the flavor tastes burned or harsh? If so, this is the perfect blog post for you. In this post we are going to cover 6 different aspects of the hookah smoking experience that can affect the quality [...]

09 Mar

New Quick Light Hookah Charcoal

We’ve just received two new, and unique, styles of quicklight hookah charcoal that we think are worthy of a closer look. First up is the newest addition to Fantasia’s Air-Flow line of coals. These are the first quick-lighting coals to be added to the unique Air-Flow line. Second up is a very unique new product [...]

06 Mar

Hookah Charcoal Burners

And the hookah gods said let there be fire! The most important tool in the world of hookah isn’t the hookah or the shisha, it’s the coal. Let’s be honest you can’t enjoy a hookah session without a little heat, because who likes a non functional hookah? The greatest hookah sessions are achieved by using [...]

02 Mar

Texas Independence Day Hookah Sale

Here at Hookah-Shisha.com we love to find a reason to have a sale. We are based in Austin, Texas and seeing as how today is Texas Independance Day (a holiday celebrating the founding of The Republic of Texas in 1836) we decided to throw together a week long sale on some great hookahs, shisha flavors, [...]