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27 May

Spend $50. Get a Free Alpaca Bowl. Coupon Code Inside.

Update: We have given away all of our promo Alpaca Bowls so this promotion has now ended. You can find more discount codes here Get a Free Alpaca Bowl with Order Over $50 They’re sleek, they’re ceramic, they’re colorful, creative, they’re fun, they’re phunnels, but first and foremost – they’re FREE! That’s right, for a [...]

21 May

Hookah Freak Shisha: A Closer Look

Who’s ready to get freaky? The crazy flavor blends of Hookah Freak have arrived on our website, and we were excited to get smoking on them. Hookah Freak is a blended line of the Hookah-Hookah tobacco flavors, all of which are made here in the United States. The Hookah Freak line started popping up online [...]

21 May

Sub Ohm Vaping With A Box Mod, APV, Or A Mech Mod

If you’re into vaping, you’ve probably noticed some vapers exhaling some huge clouds. If you’ve asked yourself, “How do they do that?”, this article is for you. Cloud chasing has always been an activity pursued by vape afficianados but until recently you had to have a physics degree and a decent skill set to produce [...]

20 May

New Social Smoke Flavors!

Social Smoke is starting the summer off right, with a slew of new flavors. Recently we saw the rise of Cali Peach, Artic Lemon, and Delicious Apple, and the fun doesn’t stop there. With this new batch of flavors we get a chance to taste an exotic fruit, a popular ice cream flavor, and many [...]

18 May

How To Earn A Degree In Shisha Mixology

Everyone has their own favorite shisha flavors, these type of flavors could never be turned down if offered to you and always stay stocked in your cabinet. From time to time we want to see if we can take these flavors to the next level by adding a new component, these new additions can make [...]

07 May

Amplifying The BUZZ In Your Bowl

There are many reasons why Hookah smokers love a good session; the flavors, the clouds, and the relaxation. Within these great session, you may find yourself achieving a slightly buzzed state and it’s a great feeling if you do it right. Some veteran hookah enthusiast reach a point in their smoking life where they are [...]

01 May

Spring Shisha Mixes for Extremely Delicious Flavor

Great flavor demands great responsibility!  In that vein we have decided to unlock the secrets to 3 shisha mixes we regularly smoke in order to spread prosperity to all mankind.  Whether you want something sweet and fruity, rich and tropical or just something the living can’t describe, you have found the right place.  Check out [...]