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25 Jun

Premium E Juice – What Makes It So Good?

There’s a reason why some people shell out to shop at Whole Foods, and that reason is the ingredients. Healthy food is associated with natural, organic products without chemical additives. This is essentially the same approach that we use to define premium e-liquids. You’re going to be vaporizing these liquids and inhaling them into your [...]

16 Jun

New Summertime Special Edition Tangiers Flavors

Well we are already approaching another season, and here in Texas we are really feeling that summer time heat. Now that we are moving to another season, we’ll start to see some more new flavors hit the market. Tangiers is the first at bat for the season with some more Special Edition Flavors, and who [...]

15 Jun

What’s Your Shisha Flavor Name?

Taking a scroll through your news feed you may come across the usual, “What’s your ___” ( insert drink, character, or celebrity name) games, but we never see anything related to Hookah. Well today we are here to change that, and let you guys/girls figure out the name of your Shisha flavor based on your [...]

05 Jun

5 Hookah Myths Debunked

Hookah Myth #1: Foil Shiny Side Down The first time someone taught me how to pack a proper hookah bowl they told me to always make sure to place the hookah foil over the bowl with the shiny side down. I asked why and my instructor just shrugged his shoulders and said “It’s supposed to [...]