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31 Aug

The Definitive Guide To Hookah Hose Maintenance

In order to reach the level of a Hookah Enthusiasts, one must understand all of the components of a hookah and the shisha that is readily available. There are some of us that get into this smoking hobby/lifestyle, with the mindset of what type of flavors they want to smoke and flavors to avoid. On [...]

31 Aug

Hookah Accessory Sale – Back To School 2015

Our giant, month-long back-to-school sale is drawing to a close and this penultimate week features deals on some great hookah accessories including bowls, bases, and hoses. If you find that your current hookah set up lacks the spice it once had, adding a new accessory can make smoking fun again. Grab a new bowl and [...]

24 Aug

Hookah Charcoal Sale

We’re in week 3 of our Back-To-School sales and this week we are featuring one of the most essential elements of a good hookah bowl, hookah charcoal. Coal is definitely not the sexiest aspect of a hookah session, but without fire, there is no smoke. We’ve got a wide range of both natural and quicklight [...]

19 Aug

New Starbuzz Flavors – Asian Persuasion & Misty Apple

Starbuzz has just released the two newest flavors in their ever popular Bold line and we’ve got both of them at Hookah-Shisha.com. The new flavors are called Asian Persuasion and Misty Apple. As with a lot of shisha flavors, the name doesn’t tell the whole story. Luckily we have smoked both flavors and can give [...]

12 Aug

Hookah-Shisha 2015 Black Friday Preview Sign Up

Our Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales have ended. If you are looking for a great everyday deal, check out our Coupon Code page. Black Friday 2015 is just around the corner and, as always, Hookah-Shisha.com should be your #1 destination for everything hookah related on Black Friday weekend and Cyber Monday. We’ve got so [...]

10 Aug

Back To School Sale 2015

It’s back to school time and that means it’s sale time at Hookah-Shisha HQ. We’ll let you handle the textbooks and the dorm supplies, and we’ll handle the hookahs. And for all of you post-collegiate smokers out there, you can take advantage of these deals too and then you can smoke a delicious, relaxing bowl [...]

05 Aug

New Tangiers Flavors – August 2015

Tangiers has just released their newest batch of flavors and we’ve got them all just for you. Check out some quick flavor descriptions below. Happy Smoking! Buy The New Tangiers Noir Flavors Here  |  Buy The New Tangiers F-Line Flavor Here Tangiers Noir Blueberry Tangiers Blueberry is a legendary and mysterious flavor that is finally [...]

04 Aug

Breaking Down Starbuzz Coconut Instant Light Coals

In the hookah world, many of the hookah enthusiasts tend to turn away from quicklight coals for a couple of reasons. The main reason being that they don’t allow you to enjoy the full flavor of your hookah sessions, and they tend to put off a smell that may not be pleasant to the nostrils. [...]

03 Aug

More Hookah Fails: Running Low Edition

Everyone loves a good fail, right? Unless it’s happening to you, of course. In the hookah world, where the learning curve can be a bit steep sometimes, fails abound. In this version of our popular Hookah Fails series (see the original hookah fails post, and our late night hookah fails post) we tackle hookah fails [...]