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28 Oct

New Nirvana Shisha Tobacco Flavors – October 2015

Nirvana, the shisha brand that brings the buzz by mixing Dokha pipe tobacco into their blends, has just released a batch of new flavors and we’ve got ALL of them for you here at Hookah-Shisha.com. If you’d like a little preview of these 12 new flavors before you make a purchase check out our quick [...]

26 Oct

5 New Khalil Mamoon Hookahs – October 2015

We’re happy to announce the arrival of 5 new Khalil Mamoon hookah models here at Hookah-Shisha.com. Khalil Mamoon hookahs are some of the best built, longest lasting, and best looking handmade Egyptian hookahs in the world today. Almost any hookah smoker should be able to find a new favorite among these 5 varied, and unique [...]

23 Oct

Informações para encomendas

Bem-vindo ao Hookah-shisha.com! Há tantos clientes nossos com dúvidas sobre nosso site, sobre pagamentos e sobre remessas internacionais que resolvemos criar esta página para responder a estas perguntas com a maior rapidez e clareza possíveis.  Caso você tenha alguma pergunta sobre nosso site que não tenha sido respondida, deixe uma pergunta na seção dos comentários [...]

16 Oct

Free Hookah Week: 10 Ways To Get A Hookah For $0.00

Free hookah week has ended. We hope you were all able to grab a free hookah. For more great deals check out our everyday hookah coupon codes. What’s the first rule of hookah? The first rule is that you can’t smoke without a hookah. With that in mind, we are giving you 10 different ways [...]

15 Oct

Smoking Every Al Fakher Flavor At The Same Time

We had a crazy idea the other day. What if we mixed every single Al Fakher flavor together and smoked it? Luckily for us, we happen to have more Al Fakher shisha in our warehouse than just about anywhere else on earth so we had the supplies to make it happen. We decided to stick [...]

13 Oct

Vortex 1.5 Bowl Vs Original Vortex Bowl

The new Vortex 1.5 hookah bowl from Sahara Smoke has been released and we have been getting a lot of questions from our customers about how it compares to the original Vortex bowl. To help you all out we shot a quick comparison video so you can see the differences between the two bowls side [...]

11 Oct

5 Essential Elements Of A Perfect Hookah Session

Smoking hookah is sort of like eating pizza, even when it’s not the best it’s still better than just about anything else. But how do you go from ‘good enough’ to a truly perfect hookah session that fully encompasses everything that makes hookah smoking such an enjoyable and relaxing hobby? We think that it’s a [...]

03 Oct


Willkommen bei Hookah-shisha.com! Viele unserer Kunden haben Fragen zu unserer Website, Zahlungen und internationalem Versand, deshalb haben wir diese Seite erstellt, um diese möglichst schnell und übersichtlich zu beantworten. Wenn Sie Fragen zu unserer Website haben, die wir nicht beantwortet haben, hinterlassen Sie diese bitte im Bemerkungsfeld am Ende dieser Seite. Hinweis: Sie müssen volljährig [...]

03 Oct

Informations sur les commandes

Bienvenue sur Hookah-shisha.com ! Comme de très nombreux clients se posent des questions sur notre site Web, les paiements et l’expédition à l’international, nous avons créé cette page pour leur répondre aussi rapidement et clairement que possible.  Si vous avez des questions à propos de notre site Web et auxquelles nous n’avons pas répondu, n’hésitez pas [...]

03 Oct

Información del pedido de narguile

¡Bienvenido a Hookah-shisha.com! Muchos de nuestros clientes tienen alguna pregunta acerca de nuestro sitio web, nuestros pagos y envíos internacionales, por lo tanto hemos creado esta página para poder responder a esas preguntas lo más rápido y con la mayor claridad posible. Si tiene alguna pregunta con respecto a nuestro sitio web que nosotros no [...]