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29 Feb

5 Hidden Gem Hookah Products You Need To Try

The hookah world has it’s fair share of heavy-hitter brands and products that almost every hookah smoker has either tried, or been around ┬ábefore. Names like Starbuzz, Tangiers, and Khalil Mamoon are synonymous with most hookah smoking sessions these days, but there are also lesser-known products out there that deliver big time quality. We’ve decided [...]

23 Feb

The Definitive Alchemist Shisha Tobacco Flavor Guide

Breaking Down the Boutique Flavors of Alchemist Tobacco Alchemist Tobacco is one of the newest brands of shisha tobacco to hit the market, filling a niche nobody even know existed and peaking the interest of all who search for new and interesting hookah experiences. They have a number of amazing flavors from their Original Formula [...]

17 Feb

The Birthday Hangover Sale- The Party Never Stops

We had a blast celebrating our birthday all last week! Thank you to everyone for kind words and well wishes! But now we’re suffering from a little hangover after some hard partying, and we don’t feel like changing all the prices right now. So we will leave some hookahs and accessories on sale until 5/3/2016, [...]