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Archive for April, 2016

25 Apr

Haze Tobacco – Lavish Lavender SMOKEorPASS Flavor Review

The Lavish Life Of Lavender Have you ever tasted Lavender by itself? That was the first question raised here at the warehouse before our first session with the newest member of the Haze flavor line up. You may have smelled the floral scents used before in baking, air fresheners, drinks and many other items. The [...]

19 Apr

New Accessory: Silicone Hookah Diffuser

Typical hookah diffusers will fit on most downstems, but not all of them. Many Shika Hookahs, for example, have bulb shaped downstems that make putting your average plastic hookah diffuser a big hassle. We’ve heard of many Macgyver stories that involve the classic heba diffuser with a sharp knife, and possibly a pot of boiling [...]

15 Apr

Exclusive Birthday Shisha from Tangiers: Guajava Kiss

We’re celebrating our 16th birthday, and to help make the party even sweeter our good friends at Tangiers Tobacco have made a special flavor of shisha¬†just for the occasion! After tearing off the bow and ripping off the wrapping paper we discovered that this special shisha is called Guajava Kiss, and with one smell after [...]

01 Apr

Instant Shisha Delivery Button

We’re always excited to present new products to the market, but we rarely get to show off what we create because it’s mostly top secret. Well today we are releasing a project that has been in development for over two years, and it will revolutionize the way you order your hookah supplies. We proudly present [...]