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Archive for May, 2016

20 May

ICE ICE Hookah Sale

Have you already started to break out your shorts and tanks top? It’s about that time of year again where we sweat and complain about how hot it is outside. Smoking hookah outdoors in Texas during the summer is the equivalent to setting up your hookah in an oven, and smoking inside of it while [...]

18 May

Creating The Perfect Mazaj Hookah Bowl Session

Last week we talked about how-to maximize the cloud output of your Kaloud Vitria hookah bowl, and now we’re ramping up the heat again with these new Mazaj bowls. The Arabic word “Mazaj” means “Good Mood” and we’ve been pretty happy that it was crafted with 100% borosilicate glass. This means that these bowls were built to take heat, [...]

13 May

How to Get Huge Clouds with your Kaloud Vitria Bowl

The Kaloud Samsaris Vitria bowl is one of the latest and greatest hookah bowls to hit the market, and with good reason: it takes the durability of silicone for the exterior and a heavy duty glass insert for the actual bowl interior. Their powers combined form one heck of a bowl! The glass insert evenly [...]

06 May

New Starbuzz Vintage Flavors

The time has arrived and the new Starbuzz Vintage Tobacco is here in our grasps. The vintage dark leaf blends will provide a buzz that can’t be found in the classic line or bold collection of Starbuzz. They’ve utilized bold spice notes and classic fruit profiles, in combination with a delicious and robust tobacco blend giving you a game changing [...]

05 May

Cinco De Mayo Hookah Flavors

Hola! Que paso, excuse our Spanish but we are getting ready for the celebration of Cinco De Mayo. This southwestern celebration includes festivities from many Spanish backgrounds, so you can expect to see some salsa dancing and lots of margaritas. On our side town we like to celebrate by smoking flavors that reflect the Cinco [...]

04 May

Cinco De Mya Sale 2016 – Save On Mya Hookahs

Cinco De Mayo is almost here and while we are sipping on margaritas and enjoying the fun, we decided to hose our own Cinco De Mya (get it?) sale on some of our best hookahs from Mya. We’ve got a hookah for every type of smoker from small mya hookahs to budget-friendly econo mya hookahs, [...]