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24 Mar

Trifecta Hookah Tobacco Flavors – Brand Overview

Trifecta Hookah Tobacco Flavors

TRIFECTA Hookah Tobacco

LAVENDER MINT! If you haven’t had a bowl of this remarkable flavor, go ahead and add it to your flavor queue right now. If you’re not a fan of floral blends then start off at Pearfect, because everyone can agree it’s perfect. These two  flavors help comprise the Dark Leaf Blend collection from Trifecta Hookah tobacco. Trifecta was recently added to our warehouse in September of 2016, after grabbing the attention of many hookah experts with their original blonde line in the year prior. Since its arrival we’ve seen it fly off the shelf, restock and fly again. This stuff is good, plain and simple.

Trifecta tobacco is manufactured here in the US, utilizing both Virginia and burley tobacco leaves. We all have a favorite flavors from the collection and the customer feedback matches our positive beliefs. If you’d like more info about trifecta, take a minute to explore this blog for tips on packing and flavor recommendations.

 Trifecta Blonde Leaf Hookah Tobacco

Trifecta Blonde Leaf Hookah Tobacco

If you can handle a full bowl of Twice The Ice Extreme, we here at Hookah-Shisha would like to applaud you. The original version of this icy peppermint blast received positive reactions from the community, along with their TNT(mango, grapefruit, mint), and Mountain Fog(yep almost like the green drink). They continued releasing new blends including some limited flavor batches, and listened closely to the feedback given from the consumers. This golden leaf tobacco is easy to prepare for beginners, while providing some complex flavors for advance smokers to enjoy. Each 250g jar contains a medium level chopped tobacco cut with a moderate amount of juice. The flavor list is growing, currently we have 9 blonde leaf blends  including staff favorites like Spiced Java and Melon Melange.

How To Load Trifecta Blonde Tobacco

How To Prepare Trifecta Blonde Leaf Tobacco

You could easily pull off a cloudy and flavorful session from a stock Furat hookah, or experience a crisper flavor on a Kaloud setup. This juicy tobacco is very versatile and can be used in any style of bowl atop any hookah combination. One of our customer service heroes Trenton likes to smoke Twice The Ice Extreme fluff packed in an egyptian bowl, whereas I prefer a 80 ft. or Rook phunnel bowl with a semi dense pack. If those packing method terms went over your head, Trenton sprinkles his shisha up to the inner rim and I pat mine down after sprinkling then add a little more. We use about 3-4 pieces of natural hookah charcoal for each smoke session. Since this tobacco doesn’t require any special tricks you can just toss it in a bowl and let the flavors soar.

Trifecta Dark Leaf Hookah Tobacco

Trifecta Dark Leaf Tobacco

After creating a name for themselves as being a company that could bring unique flavors to the market, they went on to create a dark leaf line for the advanced smokers. This time around they used burley tobacco leaves to create a heavy flavor profile and stronger buzz. The Trifecta dark blends became an instant hit, and they’ve continued their rise with the release of more flavors like Blueberry and Orange Seville Coffee. These blends are all made in small batches so you receive the freshness with each jar. Although the buzz level is stronger than their original line, it comes no where close to the strength of a tangiers bowl, which is why many intermediate smokers can enjoy these blends.

How To Load Trifecta Dark Leaf Hookah Tobacco

How To Prepare Trifecta Dark Leaf Tobacco

Are ready for another no brainer? Trifecta really makes it easy for you with their dark leaf line. Dense pack it if that’s how you like to enjoy your dark blends, or save on shisha with fluff to semi dense preparation. As usual we recommend the use of a phunnel bowl with this tobacco to keep our juice in the bowl and achieve a longer session. Using foil or a heat management device will yield around 1:45-2:30 hrs of flavor with proper coal placement. We enjoy our session with the same coal arrangement as their blonde line, so 3-4 pieces of natural hookah charcoal creates an optimal smoking experience. You won’t need to acclimate this tobacco but we recommend mixing up the juices before preparing to achieve the full flavor.

Trifecta! Trifecta! Trifecta!

Achieving success with two lines launched closely together is a great feat in the hookah world, and Trifecta is showing the community that they’re here to stay. We hope to see a continuation of the flavor releases within the dark and blonde collection. Two lines, all unique flavors, smoke them however you feel. We’re gonna continue smoking our bowl of Pearfect mixed with a little BDH(melon,peach,mint), and let you think about what flavors you think you’d enjoy. If you already have a favorite flavor, drop it in a comment below.

Thanks for reading and we hope this helps!

Smoke. Love. Peace.


15 Mar

Hookah Education: How-to Clean A Hookah Base

The contents of your hookah base are very vital to the flavor and overall experience with your hookah session. We recommend that you use clean water for a traditional experience and to achieve the optimal flavor from your choice of shisha. You might’ve seen or experienced wine, juice, or other fruity beverages used inside the base which happens to be enjoyed in many areas when prepared properly. (Pro tip: Wine is diluted with water, a little bit goes a long way.) So let’s say you put juice in the base and you have a funky film in the base or you don’t empty your water after every session and now you have a ring stain, what do you do? CLEAN IT!! Not only does cleaning the base allow you to enhance your flavor, it also fights against mold and bacteria build up. The greatest hookah sessions are achieved with a clean hookah and base.

Items needed:

Items needed to clean a hookah base

Base Brush – Theses handy plastic pom poms play the most important role in this process. (Do you need a base brush?)

Bling Glass Cleaner (optional)- Helps bring back the shine with scrubbing crystal while knocking out any ghosted flavors.(Do you need Bling?)

Water: Room temperature. Sudden temperature changes with glass bases can cause cracks leading to a broken base.

Step 1: Fill your base

Fill the glass base 1/2-3/4 full of water, you can add dish soap but you’ll need to rinse it thoroughly before use. If you have bubbles after rinsing then there’s a good chance you have soap residue in your base.

Step 2: Insert base brush

You could insert the brush without using water but you’d be missing out on the liquid force that helps dislodge hardened stains. Scrub the interior completely and utilize the flexibility of the brush to get hard to reach spots.

Step 3: Rinse & repeat

Swish the base around for a couple of spins and empty your water. Hold your base high to eye level and spot check for any rings or stains. If it’s not to your liking give it another brush treatment. If you’re not using the base immediately after cleaning it, place the base upside down on a safe area in a sink or towel to allow any excess water to drain.

Step 4: Fight the funk

Alright you’ve cleaned your base but it still smells like Lebanese Bombshell, how do we fix it? Lemon juice! Give your base a lemon juice rinse diluted with water to rid the base of any lingering aromas, or use Bling glass cleaner for scrubbing and deodorizing.

Step 5: Enjoy!

That’s it you’re now complete and you have a crystal clear base, now grab a flavor to start the party!

If you have any questions about this process or any other tutorial, be sure to leave it in the comments below or contact us.


03 Jan

New Shisha Tobacco To Try In 2017

Shisha Tobacco For 2017

We’ve covered our favorite accessories that we like to use here in the office and wrapped up all the new hookah brands, but now it’s time to take a look at all of the newest members to our shisha roster. Over the past year we stocked up on several new brands that passed our taste and quality test for your enjoyment. Dark leaf tobacco boosted in popularity which brought in new levels of buzz and delicious blends to enjoy within a plethora of hookah bowls. We also saw a rebirth of a classic brand and a rise in request for modern shisha tobacco with a better buzz. We’re still trying to catch up on all these blends from each brand, but they just keep rolling out which makes us like our job even more. Are you ready to taste what you might have missed out on?

Trifecta Shisha Tobacco

Trifecta Hookah Tobacco

Trifecta hookah tobacco is made here in the US, and we really fell in love with their Dark blend flavors that utilize burley leaf tobacco with layers of phenomenal flavoring. They’ve also been able to appease many types of smokers by producing a universal collection of tobacco flavors titled “Trifecta Blonde“, that falls in line with the modern style of hookah tobacco using Virginia tobacco leaves. Both of their collections are extremely easy to use with any bowl in your cabinet, and you can achieve a solid session with a loose or dense packing method. This brand as a whole can handle heat extremely well so if you’re looking to chase clouds with a rewarding amount of flavor then Trifecta is perfect for you. We’ve enjoyed several sessions of their perfectly balanced Lavender Mint as well as the blend of basil, citrus, and herbs found within the Enigma mix. One of their latest additions to our site is Twice The Ice Extreme, and believe us when we say that there are few mints out there that come close to that coolness.

Fantasia Shisha Tobacco Formula And Castro's

Fantasia Formula & Castro’s

Fantasia pulled a quick one on us towards the end of 2016 and dropped not one but two new collections of flavors that featured unique traits. Their Castro dark leaf line arrives in a 100g resealable pouch packed with dark leaf hookah tobacco, and for the first time in shisha history we get to experience Cuban tobacco leaves blended with a variety of flavor notes. Fantasia formulated this collection with their own private stock of Cuban leaves to produce blends that couldn’t be found in their classic lineup, and even though it’s dark leaf we’ve seen it enjoyed by beginners to experts smokers. If you’re looking for a suggestions we’ve enjoyed every Mango Lassi session and of course we got down with the Cana De Menta for our mint aficionados, it’s not ice cold but it contains a nice amount of cooling. Their second collection of flavors arrives packed inside a carbon fiber container and feature no real flavor names, just formula numbers.  The Fantasia Formula series is completely undyed and doesn’t use any previous flavors from their original lineup of Fantasia flavors, these golden leaf blends gave us great clouds but we had more fun mixing up number and guessing the blends.

Lavoo Dark Leaf Shisha Tobacco

Lavoo Dark Leaf Hookah Flavors

Taking it from glass hookahs to high end dark leaf tobacco, Lavoo is out to explore everything within their grasp and so far their new tobacco is a hit! When we first cracked open a jar of Lavoo shisha we were immediately thrown of by the fact that there was not much juice within the cut, in fact their tobacco is one of the most finely chopped blends that we carry. The story usually goes more juice equals better flavor and bigger clouds, but the Lavoo formula defies the odds by producing ice cold flavors like Dark Mint that last a couple round of coals with huge clouds. The first flavor that we loaded up was their Southern Peach and it was an instant win in the warehouse, we tend to use a semi-dense packing method but this tobacco is very versatile in preparation. You won’t need to acclimate a single flavor, just decide on a flavor and fire up some coals for a relaxing session accompanied by a moderate buzz.

Al Waha Shisha Tobacco

Al Waha Shisha Tobacco

If you’ve been a long time customer with us than you can recall the old days when we carried the original Al Waha tobacco line, and you might have been waiting for a resurgence so you could pick up some old favorites. Well guess what? It’s back and better than ever with new flavors and sleek packaging, the Al Waha brand is ready to be enjoyed by smokers of every level and rewards those looking for a great session without breaking the bank. Their past release had a molasses composition with red dye but they’ve moved on to a more flavorful golden leaf blend, which has resulted in better clouds and longer smoke sessions. Many of us here have been looking for a solid Paan flavor for unique flavor combinations, and Al Waha provided us with one of the best version of this flavor. The existing collection is capable of pleasing smokers looking for single note flavors, as well as the mixologist and fans of creative flavor adventures.

Ugly Shisha Hookah Tobacco

Ugly Hookah Tobacco

We still don’t know where exactly the name comes from for this brand, but we know one thing to be true…..IT’S GREAT! Ugly Hookah tobacco has provided us with a super buzzy collection of flavors and they’re all made in small batches in Oak Lawn, IL. This company prides itself on using quality ingredients for the smoothest smoke session possible and they incorporated unique flavor notes that can’t be found within the existing flavor market, like the glorious Orange Keef blend. You can almost smell each flavor through the resealable jars but the fun really kicks off when you open a can and let the aroma fill the room, on our first run we dove right into Marcoje. Ugly does a great job at creating a multiple flavor experience with each blend providing you with a sweet beginning, a little fun in the middle, and an ending that’s still cloudy. These flavors can easily last a couple rounds of charcoal.  Although the golden cut of tobacco may look similar to existing modern tobacco brands once you get your session fired up, you’ll realize that the buzz exceeds the competition. Are you ready to find out why “Ugly never tasted so good”?

Is There Anything Left To Try?

As always we love hearing what you like to smoke and what you hope to smoke in the coming future. If you’ve tried any of these new blends and found some favorite please let us know. This is just the beginning of 2017 and we can’t wait to see what you all enjoy in your next bowl.

03 Jan

Best Hookahs Of 2016 – Year End Round Up

Hookah-shisha Year end Hookah Round Up

We had a lot fun in 2016, from exploring several new brands of shisha to testing out drone delivery technology. The months went by extremely quickly but the bowls burned slowly, and now we’d like to take a moment to look back at what all went down in our hookahs category. This year team traditional (classic Egyptian hookahs) held on to the crown for most popular amongst our customers with Khalil Mamoon and  Shika hookahs leading the new setup selections. The hookah aficionados explored the world of some of our newer modern hookahs as well as new glass options, each style providing their own unique features. So let’s check out some of our latest additions in the hookah department.

Shika Hookahs

Shika Hookahs

When we introduced the Shika hookahs in 2015 they were a huge hit as they already had a following and produced designs that hadn’t been seen anywhere on the market. Shika is known for putting a little extra on each of their stems to make them unique and stand out in any collection, from hand engraved details along the stem/coal tray to bold electroplated finishes. Their latest run of hookahs included a tiny cloud machine calledPen Pen” that stands at 16″ but hits like a full size setup, and it comes equipped with a jumbo style base with a wide gauge hose. The Hodor was another new model that shows off how detailed the Shika team can get with precision engravings, and this model also includes their new wave glass bases that look awesome once they’re filled with smoke. Their other popular models like the Hilal and Tyrion received some upgrades with more detailed visuals applied to the exterior of the shaft and a thicker solid brass coal tray. The Shika setups are always built to last and we’re excited to see what 2017 has in store for their designs.

Wookah hookahs

Wookah Hookahs

We started 2016 off with a beautiful collection of handmade hookahs from Poland and they turned out to be very popular amongst hookah experts and many of our own staff. The Wookah hookahs are all unique as each stem is crafted with a natural hard wood exterior and have the ability to be customized with up to 8 hand-cut crystal glass bases. The heavy V2A stainless steel might be the reason that our stems in the office looks as clean as day one, and the wood is sealed with a durable coat to prevent any water damage. These stems pack a wide gauge downstem and our Wookah packages include a Aluminum D-hose that create the smoothest and relaxing session possible. After a full year of heavy smoke sessions and product testing, our pipes show no rust or wear and that makes these hookahs ELITE!

B2 Hookahs

B2 Hookahs

If there was one style of hookah that really skyrocketed in popularity over the past year, it’s the machine-made hookahs department. In the past we’ve seen several styles of machine made hookahs arise but just because they’re made by a machine doesn’t guarantee a lifetime of smoking. It takes the use of high quality materials to really make a hookah last and that’s where the B2 hookah comes through with their top of the line shaft and coal tray. The B2 series is produced in small batches that all include a serial number for authenticity, and can easily be traced back to the vendor for any warranty or defects. These shafts are created in California with the use of CNC lathe machines( Computer Numerical Controlled), that produce finely threaded connection joints and symmetrical central hubs. B2 hookahs use a high caliber Aluminum metal for their composition which allows for a rust and corrosion proof experience, and each pipe includes a removable diffuser composed of the same metal. You’ll have 3 heights to choose from when it comes time to assemble it for a session, and although it may not have a huge impact on your session we like the medium tier setup.  The first batch sold out quickly so we placed an order for a new run to be produced and we’ll have those back this week hopefully!

Lavoo Glass Hookahs

Lavoo Glass Hookahs

We’ve carried the Lavoo glass hookah series for quite some time and always loved their designs that they’ve produced over the years. Lavoo recently decided to take an unexpected turn and went after the visual design of their stands in combination with a few new glass hookah models. Taking on the fight between good and evil their new MP1-X hookahs are available in 2 unique styles the devil and angel, both setups include a glass bowl with a washable silicone hose and nifty glass handle. These hookahs were designed to make a statement and turn heads, but you can also use them for any smoke session once you pick up your jaw from the ground. If making the decision between the light and dark side becomes too difficult, you can go with their top tier design that features a full set of gold wings! The Archangel model is like the Lambo of glass hookahs and if you bring this bad boy out with friends over get ready for the selfies and multiple compliments. Outside of glass hookah designs, Lavoo has been steady working on their dark leaf tobacco blends featured in our new shisha round up.

Zahrah Spade hookah shaft

Zahrah Spade Hookah Shaft

Capitalizing on the desire of machine made hookahs, Zahrah produced their Spade stem for hookah experts and beginners alike. Unlike most of the machined stems that we carry this shaft is designed to work as your party setup and also as your solo hookah. We’ve tested out both scenarios with great results, and so far the feedback from the community has been very positive. We currently carry two color options (Blue or Black), that can be fully customized with a nice base and hookah hose. The plug and play design allows for you to add or remove the extra hose ports by simply pulling/attaching each valve to the central hub. There is no threading for the ports just a combination of aluminum and silicone rings to ensure a snug fit without any air leaks, plus each add-on hose port includes an auto-seal adapter. The raised bumps on the coal tray help against blackouts on the underside of the charcoal, and the 9″ diameter gives you enough space for multiple coal runs. The spade shape is incorporated into the exterior design, and we really enjoy the unique combos with this stem displayed on social media.

Art Hookah Aviator Hookah Shaft

Art Hookah Aviator Shaft

The creator of the Art Hookah launched a new model last year that features a composition of aircraft-grade aluminum, instead of the thick glass they’re known to use. Going after the play on words with aircraft materials we were presented with the “Aviator Hookah Shaft” – adjustable height with a built-in diffuser and invisible purge valve. This stem was built for continuous clouds and a ease in maintenance, the fully threaded body can be broken down for travelling or storage purposes. The aircraft-grade aluminum provides a lightweight setup with incredible durability and deep colors that won’t fade after continuous usage. The full height of the Aviator uses both shaft parts to reach a height of 28″ and with a quick removal of one stem section you can enjoy a shorten height of 18″. Besides the clean threaded system we really enjoyed the unique purge design that features a dual ball bearing system encased within the central hub, the purge process is quick plus it looks awesome. The 2 color options (black/blue) yield great custom configurations on a complete setup, we have ours with a jumbo glass base and a aviator hose. What would you put with this shaft?


What are you hoping to see in the new year for hookah? More colors, new materials? Be sure to leave us some feedback on what you would like to see on our site.

09 Dec

Hookah-Shisha Sticker Contest 2016-2017

Hookah-Shisha Sticker Contest

Since the last sticker contest in 2013 we’ve thoroughly enjoyed seeing how our customer use their stickers and the enjoyment that comes from receiving them. All of us here have a favorite sticker from the selection and they’re even slapped on our desks, doors, and head scratching locations throughout the warehouse. Over the past almost 4 years technology related to art has improved allowing for an ease in expression of artistic abilities. We’ve seen several creative art pieces that show off a love for hookah and several aspects of the hookah community. In 2017 we want to select a new batch of sticker designs for everyone to enjoy and this goal will require some participation from the community. We’re hoping to achieve a total of 6 final sticker selection that will be decided through a voting selection that will take place on our Facebook page.

How-to Enter:


We’ve picked 5 different styles of visual categories(above banner) to help steer you in a direction when it comes time to think of a design, but don’t let this stop you from letting your creativity shine. We will accept all high resolution images/graphics, pictures of handcrafted/physical art that meet resolution requirements. Physical/handcrafted examples include paintings or sculpted crafts that are captured with a hi-res camera. Your submission can include Hookah-shisha.com branding but it’s not necessary. Submissions can be posted through social media or on our facebook page during the contest to get feedback from the community. Be sure to tag us so we see it. The final submission will need to be emailed to us at info@hookah-shisha.com with the subject line “Sticker contest” before the deadline and meet the following requirements.   


Pixels/Inches : 1238×1238 or 4″x4″

Resolution: 300 px/inch

Color Mode: CMYK

Acceptable File Format: .PSD – .JPEG – .PDF

Voting Process

SUBMISSION DEADLINE= January 9, 2017 11:59 pm CST

(January 10, 2017 12:oopm CST) We will post the Hookah-Shisha Sticker Contest 2017 photo album to our Facebook page featuring of all submission and allow the community to decide each winner. WINNER WILL BE DECIDED BASED ON LIKES PER PHOTO. The voting period will end  January 16, 2017 11:59pm CST, and winners will be posted on all of our social media channels at 12:oopm CST the following day (Jan. 17th).

These Are Your Prizes

Hookah-Shisha Sticker Contest

Grand prize winner will have their choice of any Khalil Mamoon Hookah!

Also an upgraded hookah hose to go along with your new your hookah and your choice of charcoal to get your session started.

Hookah-Shisha Sticker Contest Runner Up Prize

Our runner-up winners will receive the Kaloud-iest package available that works with any hookah! This package includes:

The Kaloud Samsaris Vitria Bowl (V2)

Kaloud Aura Charcoal 96 piece box

Kaloud Lotus heat management device

Hookah-Shisha Sticker Contest 3rd place

The final prize will give our 3rd place winners $50 in store credit to use on whatever their heart desires


Thank you in advance to all that enter this awesome contest, and a huge thank you to our previous winners from 2013.

27 Oct

2016 Halloween Hookah Costume Contest

We know there are a lot of people that love the spirit of Halloween, almost as much as we love hookah. We’ve always enjoyed the combination of hookah sessions and Halloween costumes, so this year we’re hooking you up. Snap a photo of you or a group friends smoking in your costume, and post it through anyone of the channels below..


1. FACEBOOK- Post a picture on our wall


2. Instagram – Tag us in your photo and comments (@hookah_shisha) or use the hashtag #HSHalloween16


3. Twitter – Tag us in your tweet or use the hastag #HSHalloween16


1) Custom Starbuzz Hookah Package
2) Custom Regal Melech Hookah Package
3) $100 Dollars store credit

Winners will be announced on November 1st!
We hope you all have a safe and happy Halloween!

07 Sep

2016 Hookah Olympics Highlight Video

While you were all busy watching the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio the Hookah Olympics were being held in sunny Austin, Texas. Luckily we had our crack team of videographers on hand to capture the event. On top of that we hired some fantastic play by play talent to help you navigate all of the different events present. Check out the highlights below and let us know how you think you would fare if you were to compete in the Hookah Olympics!

02 Aug

Al Fakher Taste Test: Golden Orange Vs Original Orange

Al Fakher is one of the oldest, and most respected, shisha tobacco brands in the world. One of the most common questions we get from customers is about the Al Fakher Golden line. People want to know how it’s different than normal Al Fakher, and also if it’s worth the extra money. We have always told people that it is worth it, but just to demonstrate we did a blind taste test of Al Fakher’s original orange flavor versus the new Al Fakher Golden orange flavor. Watch the video to see what our employees thought and then follow the link below to check out the full selection of Al Fakher Golden flavors.

See All Of The Al Fakher Golden Flavors Here

01 Jul

4th Of July Hookah Giveaway Picture Contest

4th of july hookah picture contest


A couple years back we ran this contest and had some amazing submissions, and now we’re anxiously waiting to see what this year brings. We know a lot of you are about to celebrate with friends and family with a festive vibe, in our minds that means there must be a hookah involved. As the barbeque is grilling and the fireworks explode across the sky, just think when you go for the smokey selfie – you could win a serious hookah package.

We want you to be creative but safe at the same time, so if your buddy thinks of something from the Jackass movies, just move on to the next idea. We want you to be the life of your hookah party, and this hookah prize package will have you calling all your friends over.

How To Enter

Share a festive 4th of July hookah picture with us, and you can enter as many times as you want. We have multiple social media channels that you can reach us on and you can tag us at the following accounts:

Facebook  : https://www.facebook.com/HOOKAHdashSHISHA (POST IT ON OUR WALL)

Twitterhttps://twitter.com/hookah_shisha (TWEET US)

Instagramhttps://www.instagram.com/hookah_shisha (TAG US IN THE PHOTO)

and if you don’t like using social media just send us the picture over email at info@hookah-shisha.com with “4th of july picture contest” as the subject.


4th of july Hookah Package Starbuzz

The setup for this 4th of July giveaway is about as patriotic as it gets:
Starbuzz Made In USA Series Atlantis Ice Hookah – Red/Black
Starbuzz Premium Glass Base – Blue
Starbuzz Maximus Hookah Hose – White
Kaloud Samsaris Vitria Silicone Hookah Bowl & Lotus Combo

4th of July Hookah Sale

29 Jun

Top 10 Summer Shisha Flavors With SMOKEorPASS

Summer Shisha Flavors SMOKEorPASS

Hey everyone, SMOKEorPASS here to talk about hookah stuff because it’s my favorite subject to speak on and if I’m not mistaken this is perfect spot for this information. I’ve been a hookah smoker for the past 10 years, so I constantly find myself switching preferences of brands and flavors almost monthly. There are some situations when I test out a flavor and it causes me to only want flavors that have similar profiles, and I’ll do it for a month straight until I burn myself out. It could be a new accessory like a bowl that causes me to change my lineup of flavors, during my Kaloud Vitria testing period I was hooked on Haze tobacco.

We may be in the same boat of bouncing flavor profiles or you might be scratching your head, but in the end we’re all smoking. Over the past 3 weeks here in Austin the weather has definitely changed for the summer season, and now the 90-100 temperatures have begun to hit us. After a long day of work the bowl that I prepare at home must be solid, there’s no experimentation as I only use flavors that I know rank high on my list. It’s a terrible feeling to sit down for the night and take the first inhale and have it followed by an exhale of shame. My taste in shisha doesn’t follow the typical seasonal trends but I think my current line up of flavors will be perfect for your summer smoking. It’s the SUMMER OF SMOKE, let’s get started.

Tangiers Kashmir Peach

Kashmir Peach Tangiers Shisha Tobacco

Easily one of the best tangiers flavors on the market is Kashmir Peach, it’s a #1 flavor even for the creator of Tangiers. This flavor was originally a pass for me, as I could not get down with the grandma perfume aroma that flows with the kashmir. Last year I began branching into the spice and floral flavors and found myself enjoying a bowl of Tangiers Bug Powder, this flavor is a slightly sweetened blend of mint and kashmir. I feel in love with the Kashmir taste profile and instantly picked up the peach blend, since then this flavor has not let me down and I find myself telling people to look past the grandma scent often. This flavor is perfect by itself but feel free to play around with some mixes, on occasion I will sprinkle a little Mint on top. This flavor is currently available within the Birquq line, but can often be found within the noir and burley category.

Pure Tobacco Morangie

Pure Morangie Shisha Tobacco

This flavor will never ever get old for me because it nails one of my favorite flavor profiles with a twist, and continues deliver consistent sessions bowl after bowl. Pure Morangie blends a very vibrant orange pulp with a juicy mango, and delivers a roller coasters of citrus tones throughout the session. I wish I could have a constant stream of this flavor readily available at any point during the day, but in a hookah not a e-juice. If I had a kilo container of it there’s a small chance I would use it as a pillow, so I could go to sleep and wake up with that aroma.  Should you add mint? Of Course. In my eyes Orange flavors are the equivalent of a primary color, they’re great by themselves but you’ll need to mix them to unlock those creative blends. Pure knocked this blend out the park and I think it’s perfect year round, but it will definitely be in my stash this summer.

Pure Tobacco Honey Dew Melon

Pure Honey Dew Melon Shisha Tobacco

If you’ve never had a honeydew melon flavor before I suggest starting off with my original favorite Nakhla Sweet Melon. I used to go through so many boxes/cans of Sweet Melon back in the day I had to take a break for a year, but now I’m back in the world of melons. Recently I introduced myself to Pure’s Honeydew blend, and I ended taking it home if you know what I mean…. I smoked it.  My first bowl was amazing as Pure was able to capture those tasteful moments of my past with a juicer touch, the mellow melon profile is perfect. Nakhla will always have a spot in my heart but this Pure blend wants to move-in next door.

Honorable mention: Starbuzz Vintage Honey Dew Me

Haze Tobacco Cheech & Chong Lite It Up

Haze Cheech and Chong Lite it Up Shisha Tobacco

This flavor entered my rotation by accident, basically I loaded this flavor thinking it was something else only to find out that I picked the wrong can. I was hoping to smoke the twister of citrus that they call Whooo-Weee, but ended up with this delicious banana concoction that made my head explode upon the first pull. I’m ok thanks for asking. The Lite It Up flavor from Haze Tobacco should be classified as a dessert flavor with it’s creamy textured smoke, and banana smoothie flavor profile that includes back notes similar to red hots. Their tobacco can withstand a great deal of heat, and they recommend a loosely over packed bowl for the ideal session. The more heat applied to this flavor brings out the red hot candy flavor blended with sweet banana, but you can take the heat down for a lighter spice tone. I finished the accidental bowl and continued on with several more as this flavor evolved into my secret weapon, when it comes time for that splash of flavor in a mix that no one can nail it’s Lite It Up. Dang there goes my secret, I was never good with them.

Bananarama + Lite It Up = Down, Forward, Punch.

Haze Tobacco Cheech & Chong Double Bubble

Haze Double Bubble Shisha tobacco Cheech and Chong

I’ve had this flavor multiple times in the past and at some point completely forgot what the flavor profile was exactly, and eventually stopped picking it up. Whenever I saw the can I always thought bubble gum, I mean it’s right there on the can Haze Double Bubble and it’s pink. Gum flavored shisha or even gum with mint blends are not flavors that I keep on deck, and I believe that added to the “don’t pick up this flavor” mentality. I picked up a 250g super pack before I started a weekend and grabbed a can of this double bubble thinking at least my girlfriend would enjoy it. She was a fan but I overly enjoyed it and finished the 250 before getting back to work the following Monday. Double Bubble is a powerful pink bubble spice blend, and I believe it holds a high ranking spot within cinnamon flavors while topping the bubble gum category. I really love adding high heat to this blend for a stronger sugary spice blend, but smoke it however you get down. This flavor never started a trend of bubble gum flavors for me, but I ended up using more cinnamon in my mixes.

Al Fakher Grapefruit Mint

Grapefruit With Mint Al Fakher Shisha Tobacco

Once you go AF Grapefruit, you don’t go back. Since the beginning of my hookah life Al Fakher has always been there for me, initially introducing me to a world of single note flavors and then providing me with multiple options to mix up. During college or the place I paid to walk around, I would enjoy several bowls of Al Fakher because it was perfect for my budget and I could easily practice on my cloud game. Unfortunately for taste comparison I have a strong dislike for real grapefruits, but once you put it in shisha form I turn into a hose hog. The flavor strength is a 10/10 even without the super tart bite of an actual grapefruit, and after multiple years with this flavor it has yet to fail me. I think Al Fakher makes the best grapefruit on the market, and I wouldn’t mind being stranded on an island with it. Smoking it by itself is how I initially fell in love, but mix it with other citrus blends or floral tones like rose. I will always remember picking up on a 5 for $20 deal on 50g boxes at my local smoke shop, and I would always make sure to grab a mint, grapefruit, and orange. Nowadays Al Fakher makes some of their popular single note flavors with mint or cream, and with the addition of their mint it makes this Grapefruit perfect. The Al Fakher 50g 5 pack is cheaper nowadays, you lucky ducks.

Starbuzz Vintage Dehli Tea

Starbuzz Vintage Delhi Tea Shisha Tobacco

The smoke of champions. The gentleman’s smoke. The high class smoke. Starbuzz Vintage Delhi Tea is outstanding and highly appreciated by smokers that enjoy the more robust shisha flavors. If you just started smoking yesterday I wouldn’t recommend this collection to you, but if you’ve been around for awhile and seek new excitement within your session buckle up. Starbuzz Vintage had my attention from the beginning and arrived at a time when I was really enjoying spice blends, so their Peach Spice was an easy home run. I’ve had tea flavors in the past with the majority of them being from Tangiers, but they were never anything I’d say to stock up on unless you really love tea. The second wave of new Vintage flavors introduced a few tea based flavors like Morning Breeze, Shanghai Passion, and of course Delhi Tea. Starbuzz uses a strong brew of black tea tone for the foundation of the flavor, and then stacks on several layers of spice like cardamom, anise, and cinnamon. Pack it light for a subtle tea blend, or go for the full punch and pack heavy for a powerful cup of tea with mellow fruit.

Starbuzz Vintage Fresh Lime

Starbuzz Vintage Fresh Lime Shisha Tobacco

All these hands are telling you one thing, TRY THIS FLAVOR. The number of lemon flavors on the market easily outnumbers the amount of lime flavors, and it bothers me but I understand. In most cases the lime is never referred to as plain lime, they receive unique names like Lime it Up, Optimus Lime, or Pirates Cave. There are some lime blends that include other flavors to add a depth of flavor to the foundation but when all you want is lime, Vintage Fresh Lime delivers the goods. This isn’t the tangiest of lime blends but it still leaves you wanting more, and there’s also a sweet tobacco finish on the exhale. The Fresh Lime aroma could be considered decadent, and I usually pack it heavier for a longer session. You can never go wrong with adding a little mint to your bowl, but I can always get down with a bowl of Fresh Lime and Al Fakher Mango.

Pure Tobacco FML & FML RED

Pure Tobacco Fml And Fml Red Shisha Tobacco

Pure Tobacco FML has been delivering minty uppercuts for a couple of years now, and easily became a top contender for mintiest of the mint flavors. Tangiers Cane Mint will always have a spot on my shelf, but lately I’ve noticed a strong feeling of sadness when I don’t see FML or FML red in my cabinet. Unlike Cane Mint I very rarely smoke these two mint flavors by themselves, but I toss it in with a lot of my bowls. The flavor profile for FML has been described as a minty menthol with a hint eucalyptus, fire with ice cubes, and please no more just stop.  This is easily one of their top flavors so of course they went back into lab and created FML Red for fans of pepper mint. Either one of these flavors makes me happy nowadays, and when anyone walks past my desk there’s at least one can present. Hot summer days equal bowls with FML, and cold days result in bowls with…..FML.

Tangiers Birquq Pikina Sun

Tangiers Birquq Pikina Sun Shisha Tobacco

The intelligent mind behind Tangiers whipped up a delicious blend last year for our 15th birthday, and it’s still a celebration anytime the flavor is smoked. We were lucky enough to keep this flavor around, and provide it to you all whenever it’s in stock(like right now). The Pikina Sun blend combines pineapple and kiwi, with a melody of sweet tones similar to their Melon blend. We found a likeness between the shisha aroma and that fruity gum with a zebra, and even though it may not taste like fruity gum, it’s still a favorite for me and the crew. The kiwi is subtle but adds to the sweetness as the pineapple is easier to pinpoint, and as the session continues you began to uncover new layers of delicious flavor. This flavor has never really fallen out of my rotation, and on occasion I’ll toss a little mime, new lime, or mint into the combination.

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