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On the Pleasure of Hookahs IV: Happy smoking

Smoking hookah Whether it's a riotous party, an intimate gathering, or a way to while an afternoon hour by yourself, you're never truly alone when smoking a hookah. Sociologists have pointed out that, as participants pass the hose and wait their turn, hookah smoking bears more elements of game playing than cigarette or cigar smoking. A Turkish hookah lounge patron has been quoted saying:
“Smoking a hookah is nothing like smoking a cigarette...cigarettes are for nervous people, competitive people, people on the run...when you smoke a hookah, you have time to think. It teaches you patience and tolerance, and gives you an appreciation of good company “.
Many cite the conviviality of hookah sessions as an important contribution to the burgeoning popularity of hookah culture in the busy West. Of pipes in general, English author William Makepeace Thackeray summed up the general sentiment of hookah enthusiasts when he said:
"The pipe draws wisdom from the lips of the philosopher, and shuts up the mouth of the foolish; it generates a style of conversation, contemplative, thoughtful, benevolent, and unaffected."Cartoon hookah
One doesn't require others to enjoy a hookah; a hookah is a companion in solace as well. It lends relaxation as you read a book, garnishes creativity when you compose a work of art, and harmonizes your evening after a day of labor. Try your hand at blowing smoke rings (pursing your lips out like a fish helps!), or try blowing smoke through a bubble wand: smoke bubbles! The early Greeks believed that the gods dined on the smoke that rose from burned offerings. In the east, many cultures believe that burning incense carries prayers aloft. With such a worldwide appreciation of smoke, what else can a well prepared hookah be but special? When you sit down to watch a movie, engage a video game, or even gaze out a window in daydream – a hookah bubbling beside you will consummate any time spent lounging in one place. Check out the previous installments of this blog: On the Pleasure of Hookahs I On the Pleasure of Hookahs II: Shisha of the Earth On the Pleasure of Hookahs III: Fire and Air