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Free Romman Prunes on Jonathan the night guy's birthday weekend!

Over the year each poster in our Hookah Love Blog will have their own special special! Since I have been a fan of this flavor for years, and the Romman Brand was so kind to make this flavor to my specifications, I felt it fitting to pass on the blissful birthday smoke with all our Hookah Love Fans! This mellow flavor makes for a flavorful, and balanced shisha (not too sweet, and defiantly not what you would expect out of a wrinkly prune, this hookah shisha flavor truly is amazing!) So if you would like to receive a free Romman 50g Plum (Prunes) Shisha Flavor, then go ahead and place an order from Friday the 14th through Sunday the 16th, and simply write me a little "happy birthday note for Jonathan the night guy" in the customer comments field when placing that order to have us manually add that flavor to your order for free! (similar to our Hookah Shisha Valentines Day Free Shisha Promotion)

Free Romman Prunes on Jonathan the night guy’s birthday weekend!

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  • Dear Jonathan,
    nothing but the best wishes on your birthday.  Thanks for the generosity.  I'll tell you a secret ( I LOVE prunes, no joke!) Can't wait to try this flavor!



    thanks for wanting to share your love of the flavor with all of the hookah fans. it is greatly appricated. I look forward to tasting it.

  • happy b day that is sweet free shisha cant get better than that keep working hard to get us are shisha you gyes are doing grate
  • happy b-day jonathan 'the night guy'.. hope you have a great one and a crazy party.. and thanks for the free prunes.. i never had one personally but im looking forward to it.. thanks again and happy b-day..
  • Happy Birthday Jonathan!  Thanks for all you do!  Hope your day is the best, and we'll be in touch!

    Jake & the HookahDomain Team
  • Feliz cumpleanos amigo desde Arizona! Jonathan may all your sweet dreams become true in a puff of smoke Laughing
  • Happy Birthday Jonathan! Thanks again for all your help in building my website! Hope you have a great birthday...Mine is coming up and I am getting a sphinx hookah as you recommended it as one of the best buys! Thanks for sharing your shisha!
  • Happy birthday! Jonathan!
    Hope you have  wonderful birthday and thanks for everything you do!
    Be safe!
  • Happy Birthday Jon. 26 years, keep on truckin.
  • happy birthday Jonathan! Have a great one!
  • Happy birthday! Jonathan!
    Happy birthday! Jonathan!
    Happy birthday! Jonathan!
    Happy birthday! Jonathan!

    I hope you have a wonderful birthday

    HAVE FUN!!!
  • Hey! you have always been a huge help when getting my new orders placed. Thanks a bunch and happy birthday. PS, I like the prune shisha too!

  • aki
    Onnea onnea jonathan, sä oot niin kunu jäbä!!!
  • Hi i wish you the best day ever !  on your birthday.
  • Happy Birthday/night Night Guy Jonathan!
  • Happy birthday. i placed my order and cant wait to try the free flavor as well :]
  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY! i've never tried the prune flavor but i'll trust you on its greatness whether or not i decide to purchase it this weekend. Thanks a lot!
  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY JONATHAN!!! thanks for everything!
  • Happy birthday man, hope all goes well.
  • Happy Birthday to you!
    Happy Birthday to you!
    Happy Birthday dear JONATHAN!
    Happy Birthday to you!
  • Happy Birthday John, i probably wont be ordering this weekend, but you can bet prune is going on my next order if a connoisseur such as yourself enjoys it. Thanks for being a generous person nonetheless.
  • Hey,
    Here's a great happy birthday song, as seen on weeds,

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    it’s your birthday, it’s your birthday

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    because we’re all gonna die one day

    might as well have a good time


    Chris and Lex

    btw, placed order just before this, please add to order if ya can, saw this just after ordering.
  • Happy Birthday John. I look forward to trying the Romman Plum (Prunes) Shisha
  • Dear John "the night guy",

    I hope you have a great birthday, and thank you so much for your loving of prunes and your great generosity. Happy 26th Birthday !!!
  • happy b-day john hope u have had a good one prune is one of the best flavours ive had aswell soo HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
  • Happy Birthday ...    Enjoy your life while you can without letting the negative energies interfere...   Live with peace
  • Happy Birthday Jonathan the Night Guy!! I'm a big fan of prunes and I'm so excited to give your recomendation a try!

    Thanks so much and have a fun birthday!!
  • Happy birthday!! i have been a huge flavor of romman and hope to try that flavor soon. Wonderful getting the email from you!
  • Congrats! Now you have another year to enjoy the sweet smoke! My favorite flavor of all time is definitely the Al Fakher plum, hands down. I haven't tried the Romman yet I'm quite interested. I'll take it from you that its amazing. Can't wait to try it. Happy Birthday to you.
  • To,

    Night Guy Jonathan

    Happy birthday, enjoy the time u have left and think positive because each year passes like a minuet so don’t waste them.
  • Happy b day cat daddy.....
  • Happy Birthday Jonathon! Hope you have a good birthday and thats for spreading the joy so we can enjoy your birthday too!
  • happy birthday night guy john, have a good one!
  • Hi Jonathan..Happy Birthday! I remember haslsign you loads when tryign to order a shisha for my husband! Hope you have a great birthday!
  • Im exicited to try this flavor of shisha!!! I hope you have great birthday john!!!
  • Happy Birthday, Jonathan! Hope you had a great weekend

  • Happy Birthday J-Man! Enjoy your day with your fav flavor, and keep spreading the Hookah Love!
  • Happy Birthday Jonathan
    I hope I enjoy the prune as much as you man. Have a great birthday dude.
  • Happy Birthday man, hope it was a good one.  Be sure to treat yourself to something good.  Thx for the shish, take it easy man.
  • Hi Jonathan!  I really hope you have an awesome birthday!  May joy, happiness and wealth be abundant in your life!  Have a great day man!!!

    Lots of Love,

    Little miss Sassy <3
  • Happy Birthday Jonathan!! I hope you had a wonderful b-day weekend! Thanks for the shisha!
  • Happy Birthday Jonathan!!!!!!!! I hope you have a mos-excellent birthday. Thanks for the generous gift. Enjoy your birthday celebrate with many!!!
  • Happy Birthday Jonathan, Hope everything goes great for you. Talk later. Dont stay up too late.


  • happy birthday jonny. hope you had a great one. thanks for the shisha. peace x
  • i am looking forward to try this flavour jonathan. hope to try this favour very soon
  • Hey Jon,

    Happy B-day Dude, Wish ya the Best. I'm a fan of the Hookah-Shisha site myself and am going to be placing another order for some awesome romman soon, Il be sure to try the prune out. I'm sure it will be good, only the best from Romman. Smile
  • Happy B-day Jonathan,
    Can’t wait to try this flavor!
    Best Wishes
  • Wow, 50 replies! That's amazing, thank yall so much, for the bodacilicious replies! I was a little nervous being the first one to do a birthday promotion, but it worked out really well. A lot of people got hooked up with a ruckus Romman Shisha flavor, and I had lots of laughs and smiles on my birthday. I got a little rowdy but was sure to be safe, so thanks so much for all the wonderful messages and best wishes! Yall warmed my heart and reminded me that Hookah People are the best people around!

    -Jonathan "the night guy"
  • Happy Birthday dear JONATHAN!
    Happy Birthday to you!

    this web site is great for all your shisha needs