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Auto-seal hookahs: no air comes through hose connector

Looks like your auto-seal adapter is plugged up somehow. Gently unscrew the hose connector. Check to see if the ball bearing is stuck in the threads - you may need to pry it out. Once the ball bearing is free, you might consider replacing it (but feel free to use the old one until your newly ordered bearing arrives). Alternatively you can run to a local sports equipment store and get the ball-bearing which is the same as a BB.  If, after loosening or removing the ball bearing, you still encounter problems with a particular hose adapter, check to make sure it is airtight and unobstructed. If the draw seems to be a little tight through an autoseal hose connector, try unscrewing it one full turn. This will create more space for the ball bearing while still maintaining an airtight seal. If problems persist, feel free to contact us. One final check is to make sure it isn't your actual hookah hose that is plugged up.

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  • I have an Engineer hookah that I purchased used. It was missing the ball-bearing. I used the ammo from a 'soft air' gun. The green plastic 'BB' was the perfect size.
  • AJ
    Turning the hose connector one turn worked perfectly!