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Do you know how to make a hookah or have any shisha recipes?

We have seen a number of very creative hookahs that people have made from household items and other non-traditional materials. We're always looking for great pictures of these kinds of products - if you've created one, please send us a picture of it! Making shisha tobacco is a very complicated and lengthy process that requires expertise and experience. It is similar to making a fine wine. While we are quite familiar with all the shisha we sell, and we have a plethora of great mixes to suggest, creating shisha from scratch is definitely not recommended, as you'll probably end up frustrated and messy. Please feel free to post a comment on any flavor mixes you have created for yourself and we'll be happy to include them in here for recommendations to others that are interested in getting the most out of their hookah experience.

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  • regarding Shisha  mixes..The first time I smoked. I smoked an Orange/Jasmine mix in Vegas.  I have been smoking now for a while and this is by far still my favorite!  Try mixing a 60/40% mix of Orange to Jasmine.  I prefer higher quality shisha (romman, starbuzz, fumari ect) to others, because it "burns" better and the flavor last longer.  This is an amazingly mellow, but rich blend for for any occasion!  A great way to introduce a newby to the joys of Hookah!
  • If you like fruity mixes, an apple/peach combination is a smooth and clean combination.  I'm college student who usually shares my shisha at parties I attend and usually fruit mixes seem to be the most popular.  Also, for an extra kicks in your mixes, experiment with seasonings (cinnamon, clove, stuff along those lines), splashes of lemon or lime juice in your water when you prep your hookah.
  • Rob
    I've been smoking almost thrice daily for the past year now, and my general rule of thumb is, if it sounds like it might be good to eat, then it will be wonderful to smoke.
  • wellllll... one time, years ago I had no shisha, so I called up my buddy and he gave me enough for 2 or 3 bowls, but there were two different flavours, and they got all mixed up, cause he wrapped them together. so figuring I might as well, I mixed them further and tried it.
    The Result: Surprisingly good, quite good in fact.
    The Brand: (both)Nakhla(a good mid level tabacco, I mostly smoke this)
    and last but not least(I bet the suspense is killing you)
    The Flavors? Cola and Banana.
    60%cola, 40% banana, judging by the taste, but Im not sure(it was already mixed when I got it, and I never tried it again)
    give it a try.
  • instead of putting normal water,try putting milk.it gives richer taste to it.it only goes to some certain flavour only like mango mixed with peach,watermelon mixed with apple and just plain strawberry .to have more smoke without the smoke being harsh,try changing the ordinary shisha pipe to a fish tank tube.

    to save coal,make smaller holes and put a teeny weeny bit of foil shaped like a stone on the center of the flavour porcelain.
  • We actually recommend against adding milk to the water in the base.  The milk can cause the milk-water to bubble up into the hose, making an unpleasant gurgle as you try to smoke.  Additionally, you must clean your hookah VERY thoroughly immediately after use if you add milk.  If any water bubbles into the hose, you'll need to clean the hose thoroughly too.  Milk is the perfect home for bacteria which can become a serious health threat if inhaled.
  • erm.. why do n u guys try to mix lemon + Peach + Orange... da test awesome...~!
  • Putting a little bit of Mint (maybe about 10 to 25%) gives each individual flavor a fresh touch.
  • Don't be ridiculous.Put 60% h2o,20% ice which is made from h20 and only 20% milk.It won't be too bubbly cause I've done it and if you're good at measuring you won't be having those problems.Plus I don't mind cleaning my hookah set every single time it's been used with something we called 'soap'..one that kills germs and bacterias.Trust me,the milk enhance the feel and pleasure of smoking shisha.Now that means more happy customers.Plus,even the oxgen we're inhaling are filled with bacterias and pathogens.If health is concerned,I'd recommend not smoking at all.
  • I've seen some interesting suggestions, these are my own (6 year hookah smoker):  7 spice/pipe (make sure you use havana pipe), Double Apple (Nakhla)/Peach (Havana or AlAjamy), Peach(Havana or AlAjamy)/Cinnamon of any brand but be sure that it is 80% Peach and only 20% Cinnamon (also try this in Double apple with cinnamon in the same ratio).  Blueberry/vanilla is smooth with a lower blueberry count.  California Dream (I don't recall the brand) with orange cream.  I generally only smoke flavors that have thick and strong flavors i.e. glass jar Nakhla Double Apple, Al Fakher white grape, Al Ajamy peach OR their Eskandarani apple, Havana Pipe, and others of the like.