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Does a big hookah smoke better than a small hookah? "Does Size Really Matter?"

The answer to this question is ‘yes’ and ‘no.’ The general thought on this topic is that larger hookahs smoke better than smaller hookahs due to the longer shaft, which allows more time for the smoke to cool as it travels to the water, where it is filtered and further cooled. We’ve done our research and performed numerous tests and we've concluded that when comparing a large hookah to a small one, you may notice some difference, but it will be subtle. When comparing two hookahs that are closer in size, the difference is often imperceptible. One factor to consider is the size of the hookah base. The larger the hookah base, the more room for smoke, which produces thicker, denser puffs. Nonetheless, there are many small hookahs we sell that smoke as well as the larger ones due to the shape and volume of their hookah base. However, there is such a thing as too small of a hookah, but some people chose to sacrifice smoking quality for portability and convenience. The choice is up to you and we'll be happy to assist you in making that decision! Rest assured though, if a hookah smokes poorly we will not carry it, but some hookah definitely smoke better than others. One point to note though is that the size and thickness of the hose you use in your hookah is a large factor to the way your hookah will smoke. The thicker the tube the easier it is to pull through and thus it can provide a thicker smoke. The Nammor Hookah Hose is known to be the best smoking hookah hose available. The shisha tobacco and hookah charcoal you use are one of the biggest factors to how well your hookah will smoke.

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  • I have two hookahs-

    Deluxe-Mya Gyro
    Portable-Hobo Hookah

    Love them both-I went thru a few less expensive hookahs and will say without a doubt that if you enjoy Hookah smoking, spend the money up front and get the Hookah you want.  The quality is there from the beauty of it, to the simplicity of how it cleans easily and works properly.  

    I have the Nammor Hookah hose and it is well worth it.  Lots of great smoke, and it cleans like a dream because the inside is plastic.  I am a fanatic about cleanliness and clean it every time I use my Hookah.

    Hobo Hookah-I like the Hobo enough to actually switch off with my Mya Gyro at home just because-like headphones for example-each hookah smokes a little differently and change is good.   It is portable, you can use it with different bottles (except wine bottles).  Drawbacks-no purge valve, and it doesn't come with a tray on top.  

    I have by the way a Mya QT which people raved about but compared to the Hobo I personally prefer the Hobo, as the Hobo for me is more like a fine watch and more portable.  And it doesn't rock it's bottem as does the QT.   I never use it.
  • Can someone explain how having a hose with a bigger volume can make it easier to pull smoke out than a thinner hose if both are pulling out of a hole that is the exact same size? Thanks!
  • Having a larger bowl is important. Also having the water level of the stem. When I first started smoking my hookah I would overcompensate the water to completely covering the bottom of the stem. This left less room in the bowl for smoke to linger and also created more noise from the bubbles. Now I put just enough in so that if I inhale strong it still pull through the water without ripples, leave more room in the bowl for my friends smoke, and not create a loud bubble sound.
    Having a smaller hookah is nice but if smoke density matters I would look for size of bowl and how far down the bottom of the stem rests in the bowl. Otherwise I would say size doesn't matter unless you want more stability (harder to knock a larger hookah with more weight) and more bling (how cool do you want your hookah to impress your friends?).
  • Hi Raheem - I'll be happy to answer your question.  Hoses that have a larger diameter will hold a greater volume of air at any given time, and will move air more quickly because of the increased space for it to travel.  As more air is drawn through the hose, more air is drawn through the tobacco and coal, increasing the amount of smoke in each draw.  With two people smoking on large-diameter hoses simultaneously, there's just that much more smoke!  If you have any additional questions, feel free to email, call, or chat in to us; no question is too small.

    Happy smokin'!!

    (currently smoking Romman Peach with Potion Mello Mango: if I had a tail, I'd wag it)
  • ok this has been the much heated debate between all my friends and i at our hookah parties!! does size really matter. To be honest with you, in my opinion it doesn't, but there are many other things that do make for a better smoke. I currently have two hookahs, a 17 inch Egyptian and a 40 inch (with the rotating stand) which has 3 hoses. I have three different types of bowls and two types of hoses. The three bowls are a 10 to 12 gram bowl, a 15-17 gram bowl, and a two headed bowl. I have two types of hoses, 3 mod hoses, and one Red wood Hose. Now that you know what i have lets mix and maatch!!

    Now to prove my claim i have tried all of the combinations i could think of with aall my stuff. and i must say that my 17 inch with a mod hose, works just as good, if not better, than my 40 inch hookah with the red wood hose. Now most of the time if you put a wide mouth bowl on a smaller hookah, like my 15-17 gram bowl, and a few more coals on top you get an extremely dense smoke, where as you might not with the larger hookah. But no matter how you use it, if you use it the right way you will always get a good thick smoke out of any shape or sized hookah!! if you got questions just post a reply to this and i will explain anything to the best of my ability!!
  • raz
    hi, i was wondering what hookah is in the small hookah category and has the biggest base possible for a small hookah.
  • Does a longer stem in the base of the hookah work better for creating more smoke?
  • To Lina: The Stem length doesn't have much to do with creating more smoke, its longer because the stem needs the extra length with a big base (This leaves enough room for smoke buildup in big vases because if you had a short stem in a big vase you'd be filling it to the top and it would be improper). They made longer stems for big hookahs/big bases. the Diameter of the downstem however probably has to do with smoke intake but almost all Hookah manufacturers thick enough so this isn't a concern. Set your hookah up right have you will get thick clouds! -chiefpuff